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    Only had the Palm Pre a few days and think it is an amazing phone (coming from an N97). There is just one thing and as you guessed by the title it is that the reception is crap. Maybe when I am in the city center and outside I will have a decent signal but as soon as I step inside anywhere it goes terrible!!

    Afraid I may have to give the Pre up, which I am regretting. The N97 was a terrible phone, apart from the web browsing on opera, but my reception was always full.

    I just needed to rant. Palm Pre is awesome, low reception is a kick in the nuts. It just ruins the experience.
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    well i can't understand why, my pre has great reception everywhere (when O2 is providing a useless one that is). I never lose signal except in known patchy areas so maybe your pre's antenna is faulty?
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    My Pre also got great reception. Even better then iPhone 3Gs, I have it since last October and never had any problem with O2 signal.
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    At first I thought it was because I was using a rebel sim so I could use my 3 sim. I have a contract out with them that will last for another year which I would rather use, but after trying 3 different O2 sims it didn't make a difference.

    I loved some of the features on the Pre. Syncing Facebook with the contacts was useful. A tip for those who hate the fact that it adds all of your facebook friends, and doesn't just sync contacts that you only have on your phonebook: just link all the friends that you don't want to a random contact, lets say one that you call facebook friends. This may take a while for those who have alot of friends on facebook but it clears up the contact list on your Pre.
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    I think you will be happy with Nokia N97, Pre is not for you.
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    Try updating your network settings and PRL to the latest as provided by your carrier. Open the Phone card, then go to Preferences. It's at the bottom of the screen.
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    I've tried doing that many times. The last option that appears for me is "Accessiblity", is there another way to update the network setting and PRL?
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    It sounds like your phone has a software issue. I would take it into O2 and see what they would do. If nothing, I would suggest trying to doctor it.
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    How can you tell that a phone is not for me by a few posts on a forum? The N97 was only good for browsing the web, everything just failed on it. Slow, crashing frequently and unresponsive.
    The Pre has been amazing so far, only problem is the low signal.

    I'll try doctoring it. I don't have much on it so far so will give it a go.
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    The gsm(o2) pre doen't have the same network settings set-up as the sprint/verizon version... being gsm/ you can't adjust them in the same way.

    The signal bars are a much more direct representation of distance to mast, than quality of call/likelyhood of drop than on other phones.

    I've had the pre showing 3 bars, sat next to an old samsung showing 7 bars both on o2
    The samsung drops calls all the time, the pre pretty much never does.

    I've been using it solidly for 4 months, and the only time it has ever dropped a call, i was standing under the mast , and it was showing all 5 bars.

    so if it's call quality, and drops, then it's probably a dodgy ariel, if on the other hand u are going by the bars, then i think you might be worrying needlessly.
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    It doesn't drop calls or anything. Just a poor 3G signal, which I probably should have said in the first place (my bad). Using the net one the Pre just gets annoying then. I like to check my mail and the web while I am on the bus going to uni, but I can't get more than 2 bars most of the time.

    I do realie different companies will not measure things in the same way so 3 bars on the Pre could be 5 bars on say a Nokia. Ill try and sort it out in the morning, just used WebOS doctor there, didn't have much effect. Did notice another feature of the Pre though: it backs up contacts and stuff automatically and restores them once you log in to your profile. Brilliant!
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    Also wants to say thanks to everyone for trying to help! I appreciate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adnan34 View Post
    Just a poor 3G signal,
    Well the 3g signal is data and not measured in the same way as the gsm signal for voice.

    The phone is manages data in a different way than voice.. (cos voice although digital) has to stream in real time, and data does not.

    So you're either in a 3g area or you're not. If your not the signal will move down to edge (in an edge area) , and failing that down to gprs (which comes over the gsm network, so it's pretty universal) these are shown as 3g, E, and G, on the phone. And are usually 700 kbp/s, 120 kbp/s and 40 kbp/s respectively, when stationery!
    The speed of the data packets hitting your phone, will depend as much on the app your using & the speed of the server your accessing, as the strength of the signal;,
    Tho i imagine that sitting on the bus won't be helping, as the phone will have to work much harder to pick up the packets.. Try a 125mph train if you really want to see it struggle.
    the only way to really gauge how good the 3g data stream is is to go to a speed test page and do a download. I normally get 800 kbp/s at home with only 2 bars showing, which is awesome compared to my wi-fi which is only managing 1100 kbp/s.. But that's down to the wi-fi router not the phone and is a whole other issue.

    It's not as like your using you phone to download 700mb movie files....

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