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    Last week after about a month of acting strangely (slow, dropping calls, having to beres a lot) pre just up and died...the screen frozed and all I could do was answer calls. Took it to the local Sprint store where I was promptly given a new out of the box pre. Of course they tried all their voodoo magic first. Which brings to the point.....I have noticed some subtle differences in the one i purrchased in Oct/09 to the one I just receieved. 1..the what was once chrome-looking accents on the front are now plastic. Second the slide out keyboard feels more sturdy and the screen is definately constructed it just me or did palm update the pre?
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    Precentral covered the change to the chrome also palm added a little pad above the battery on that report... I too noticed the slider working better, but then after a week it started getting "loose" like my old one.
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    Today I have had the exact same thing happen- old pre, chrome, slider wrecked the mirror on the back, dropping pre- plastic, seems sturdier keyboard and better slider.

    Did a search but cannot find the coverage of the chrome change you mentioned?
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