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    on my way to work all was fine. got to my desk and the palmpre screen said phone has logged out of the palm profile please restart the phone so i did and now it reset everything. is there any way to get all of my preware apps back without downloading them again?
    launcher page patch saved (only patch i had at the time)
    all bookmarks saved
    all notes saved
    all tasks saved
    all media saved
    all preware apps gone
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    any way to prevent this in the future?
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    how many did you have?

    It might be easier to just download them again..
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    15 to 20 apps
    know what could have caused the palm profile to logout?
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    same thing happened to me about an hour ago. Not happy. Having trouble syncing with contact accounts. Anyone have any idea why this happened????
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    I too had this issue about 2 weeks ago, i left it charging over night and in the morning someone sent me a text message i received the becaues i could see it on the screen but it said i had logged out of my palm account. I was half asleep and i guess i hit delete instead of reset.

    boy what a pain in the but cause i had preware on there and i had to run emergency patch recovery.

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    was having all kinds of bugs with the phone lately..

    I hit restart and it still erased my profile/apps
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    think im going to do a full erase and webdoctor my phone and return for a new one/refurb

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