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    Verizon really surprised me this past Valentines weekend when I went to the Coconut Grove Art Festival on Sunday.

    There in full glory was a huge Verizon booth / canopy and some advertisements for the Palm Pre. I thought nothing of it the first time I passed it, but when
    I came back around, I took a closer look and was quite impressed with the display and event taking place.

    At first I thought it was just Verizon advertising their phone line up and services, but on closer inspection, it was all about Palm!! I was delighted to see a Palm Rep
    inside showcasing the Pixi Plus and the Pre Plus. On the outside they had competitions throughout the day to win a free Pre Plus and other Palm and Verizon paraphanalia.

    They had yelling contests, dancing contests and others with speakers playing music, a woman there to hype the crowd and competition (she did a great job) they
    had some of the Miami Heat dancers there also!! and, yes, there was a huge crowd surrounding this great spectacle throughout.

    I have to give it up to Verizon (not that Sprint hasn't done anything similar, they have) they did a great job in promoting the Palm phones and features and getting
    the word out there about these awesome devices at what is now the largest art festival in the country.

    I thought Verizon had been dropping the ball on their promoting and supporting the Palm devices, but this, plus the new commercial, I have to give it up to them!
    Great job big red!

    You're still too expensive for me though...
    Enjoy the pictures below taken from, yes, my Pre!

    Palm Rep:

    Fortunate Winner!

    Dancing Competition with Heat Dancers:

    Nice Ad Posters:

    This was at a bus stop, after leaving the festival, close to US1:
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    us1 ahhhh, I love that road coarse lol sweet event, hope palm takes off for verizon, cuz then we on sprint get more future palms too! I really like the pre2 over the pre, faster and better slider. I want a preo more than anything but gotta wait till june I guess
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    thanks for sharing
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    I think they whole art scene would adapt well to Palm phones. Good small time marketing V.
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    I love the billboard at the bus stop.

    "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing." is a great tagline.

    It seems that the Pixi commercials were the start of a much better ad campaign by Palm and their carrier partners.
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    Wow that looks cool. It would've been fun to be there and participate. The bus stop ads are very similar to the ones on the NYC buses over here. I hope this ad trend continues. Also when WebOS comes to ATT we'll be seeing more ads from them as well (hopefully). So imagine the Pre's and Pixi's getting advertised on almost every channel from the 3 biggest carriers in US. Now that would be awesome.

    Thanks for the pics.
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    It really was nice being there and feeling the enthusiasm from the crowd and staff.

    When I saw it, I thought of PreCentral and had to take pictures and share with everyone.

    I just noticed, the bus stop ad is a Pre Plus (no button). Hmm....
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    Nice pics man. Thanks.
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    Looks like fun, walk'n around, sipp'n a b, nice booth Verizon!

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