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    Earthworm Jim download is about 230MB for the Pre. For the iPhone its 111MB. Avatar is 229MB of the Pre and 189MB for the iPhone.

    Anyone know why the ports for the Pre are significantly larger? I'm concerned as I am nearly out of space for all the new apps I want!

    P.S. The prices for these games are the same as the iPhone, so gotta give props to Gameloft for being extra fair to us webOS users
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    Wondering the same thing here. Figured it something to do with compression but there's too great of a difference in file size. Anyway, I HAVE EARTHWORM JIM ON MY PHONE! Grooooovy!
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    Higher quality? Better graphics?
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    probably different coding maybe it just takes up more space...

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    Also considering it's a port of the SNES/Genesis version, back then, the games fit on 16MB carts.
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    yeah I'm almost out of space too! I do have about 4 gb of music thought. That is the one reason I wish the Pre had the ability to use a MicroSD card, so I could keep all my music there.
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    My music is about to be deleted, never listen to it anyways, and besides, I got Pandora, Slacker, Net2Streams Pro, Accuradio, and Radio Time to keep me entertained. Games are more important!
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    Don't forget alot of games on the iPhone are designed for Open GL 1.0 in mind since the Iphone 2G and 3G don't support Open GL 2.0, only the 3GS does. The Pre supports Open GL 2.0, so who knows if we're talking about bigger texture files in these games or what. Also these developers have had more time to work on the iPhone and streamline their code than they have had to learn the Pre.

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