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    Yes, use one, love it. No problems so far. Thinking about getting a second one for work because I hate plugging in that cable! Only the price is holding me back for now.
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    random thought, but I really wish the touchstone were advertised more in commercials
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    I have a Touchstone for my Pixi and I LOVE it! I know you're talking about Pre's, but I thought I would insert my two cents :-)

    I heart my Pixi
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    touchstone - at home,

    cable at work and in car.

    no speaker issues

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    Use one at work, two at home, wife has one and we share another so 5 in all. I was thinking of one in the car. Never have had a speaker problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guvner View Post
    I use two Touchstones around the house and have one in my vehicle. I am curious because of speaker failures. I've had a lot. Curious whether that powerful magnet could be causing me any problems.

    Ideally if you are or you are not mention if you've had multiple Pre's.

    Thanks... G..

    I have two touchstones in the house and in the car and Iv had no problems. I did get the phone a little wet in some snow and the speaker quit working for a few hrs.
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    no TS launch day Pre
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    Just got a touchstone and LOVE IT!! It's awesome to just set the phone down and have it charge without messin with the cable.

    It would be great if there were more options implemented into webos for a bedside clock that dimmed or something, but with a few patches my phone has replaced my alarm clock thanks to the ts
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    No TS here.
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    Touchstones for the family. Additionally, each employee is given at least one. Most are given two plus a car charger. We need them to be available, so a dead battery is a no no.
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