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    Why am I getting these weird smiley faces? Like space creatures but they are smiling. I sent the text to my friend who has a palm and my sister who has an Iphone. The smiley face is not yellow it is black. I removed the patches Smiley Face in Symbol Box and Smiley Face in Symbol Box reversed but for some reason the smiley face is still showing up black. Can someone help me get back the original smiley faces (the yellow smiley faces)?
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    Screenshots or it didn't happen.
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    Do you have a theme installed? If so they more than likely replaced the smiley files with new ones.
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    Yes. I have a Betty Boop theme. The smiley faces do not match her theme. Should I try to change the theme to see if that is the reason?
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    What is screenshots?
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    It doesn't happen to look like this does it:


    ...It's a bit alien-ish and black.
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    Yes yes yes it does.... It's a but alien-ish and black.. very much soooo..... I love this website.
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    Help me Alex pls. What should I do to remove it?
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    Is it this theme Betty Boop If so hit the messaging screenshot and tell us if it is those smileys
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    Yes.. My Theme is Betty Boop. Where is the messaging screenshot? How do I find messaging screenshot?
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    scroll down should be a link that says messaging click it...

    Edit: NM I'll post it here

    These them?

    If so remove the theme and the smileys will go back to normal If you want to keep the theme. You need webos quick install and some time and you can put back the original ones but it might effect the theme come uninstall time...
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    Yes, it is the same smiley faces. O... so nothing is wrong with my phone. Thanks. I will keep that in mind next time.
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    Thanks for your help!!!!! :-)
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    I installed it ... uninstalled it ... reversed too. I cannot get it to work at all. Do I hold Sym while pressing k or z? press and release? How do I get it to work? I am in my messaging and trying to add a smiley at the end of my typed message. Am I in the correct field?
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    Works in any text box, hold sym and press k and z until you get to the smiley you want.
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