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    I am new to palm (since Saturday) and there is one thing which I do really miss: spell check (for sms & mail).

    I live in Germany, but I am not German mother tongue......
    I write often in English, but I am not English mother tongue ......
    You see a custom (with at least DE, EN, IT) spell checker is fundamental to me!!!

    • You should be able to set a language for the text (even other than the pre language setting) at the beginning of typing or while writing (it might be that parts of the text are in one language and other are in another language)
    • You should be able to add custom words to the dictionary.
    • If not auto-complete (to speed up typing) it should at least mark as error ("office word" like) and offer alternative spelling based on the active dictionary ....

    Is there a way to do it? A official app? a non official app?
    Will sometimes be available out-of-the-box? I find this a fundamental and basic tool!!!! (which linux has out-of-the-box, and which my "stupid" 6 years old handy Sony-Erikson K750i was able to do)
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    i need spell checker too. even a seporate app that i can type the word into would be fine. right now i open the internet and google the word.
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    the dictionary app on the palm app catalog works good as a separate app. you start typing a word and it gives suggestions after each letter is added. of course you need internet available for this app to work. oh, and did i mention, the app is free?
    a spell checker integral to the pre is sorely needed though!
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    this is by far not what I am talking about.

    A spell checker should be intern to every "typing applications" (mail, sms, calendar, note .. whatever) i.e. it MUST come from the OS and cannot come from an extra application!

    And ... this is nothing extraordinary or revolutionary: since ages every phone (and every OS) have such thing as built in!
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    nice post
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    Easiest way to do this is to edit the auto correct file yourself...

    it is located at /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/text-edit-autoreplace

    You can receive the file from your phone using webOS quick install... create your own dictionary of autoreplace words using just a basic text editor and then send it back to the same directory /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/ (although that last folder might be different for you)

    the basic format is as such: misspelled word|correct word or phrase


    idk|i dont know
    ygtp|you get the picture

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