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    When I returned my Pre at the Sprint store for it wiggling like crazy (I didn't "try" or "wiggle it more to see" either), the manager had told me a lot of people had complained and swapped because it felt so loose.

    The double typing is also a real issue, it makes you look foolish and shouldn't be happening.

    The reason Palm isn't doing well is because they only offer two phones, one is underpowered, can't play games, has a small screen and is pretty much useless and the other is nice but suffers from bad build quality and a small screen compared to the competition.

    Launching on Sprint for 8 months didn't help matters, either.

    Palm needs to fix the issues, Palm needs to make a bigger, better phone and be on as many carriers as possible. A few people on a message board talking about how it sucks that their Pres spin like a fan when you do a swipe gesture, that the headphone jack is contantly having issues, that the screens crack from being in a pocket or how typing the word "hi" on their Pre Plus comes out as Hhhiiii aren't to blame, it's Palm for making it this way.
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    grass roots are withering you know word of mouth. OS is still slow, form factor plain and simple. If the next hardware solution looks great and solid they will be fine.
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    I think that the problem is that WebOS comes from Palm and not Microsoft! Palm cannot provide the platform and support needed. Google, Microsoft and Apple are much bigger players and they will eventually dominate. I am not sure how Palm will be able to succeed.
    Having said that I love my Pre and I believe that WebOS is the best mobile OS available.

    When Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series comes I will be very tempted to return home. (I am an MS Exchange Specialist)
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