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    I've been using Treo 700p on Verison nearly 4 years, I also own Palm T|X and Palm Vx (still working !) and I've spent some time today in Verizon store playing with Pre Plus. Unfortunately folks in the store didn't have much knowledge about features, so may be some people who already took this road can help ?

    For convert from latest Treos like 700/755p what is the biggest NEGATIVE and biggest POSITIVE impressions ?

    I have a lot of apps on my Treo and my question is are there any licensing issues using them via Classic simulator (For those who works, I do realize that not all of them will) ?

    Does Pre Plus has voice/call recorder and if not is CallRec will work under Classic

    How this Sinergy business is compared with Iabmic Agendus ?

    I understand Isilo is certified for Classic simulator, is it OK easy to use ?

    Thanks in advance
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    I went from a 700p to a Sprint Pre (via a Verizon BB Storm) and have never looked back!

    As for the licensing issues, there shouldn't be any. Classic has the ability to "spoof" the HotSync ID so, your registered apps should all still work (I used Pocket Money with this feature until GlitchTech Science's Checkbook app came out - highly recommended if you need a good checkbook register app)

    Biggest negative for me on the Pre (and I haven't heard anything different about the Pre Plus) is the battery life. Yeah, it really is as bad as everyone says it is. Touchstone at home, Touchstone on the desk at work, car charger in EACH car, and a spare battery in my inside jacket pocket, just in case.

    Biggest positive - multi-tasking, without a doubt. E-mail client open, check your calendar, shoot the wife a txt message about and appointment, and add it to our shared Google calendar so it instantaly also appears on her Pixi calendar as well. Sweet!

    I don't have experience with the specific apps you mentioned so, I'll let others chime in there.
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    I was a committed 700P user as well. There are some specific limitations in apps that I used a lot....the aftermarket calendar programs for the Treos were so much better than anything for the Pre, and there is a tide program I used all the time....but other than that, there is no comparison. While I tried Classic, I quickly gave up on it. The Pre is a great device, especially with the patch technology advances, and I figure it will only get better with future updates. The battery life isn't really that much different (largely depending on signal strength), but the Touchstone is a huge advance. I almost never have to plug anything into the phone. The Bluetooth function, which was horrible on the Treos, works perfectly with the Pre. There's a bit of a laggy UI but nothing like some of the white screen issues that some had with the 700P (which I never had). It's a bit of a learning curve, and it takes a little getting used to to not have Palm Desktop (or Rescoe on a card, which doesn't exist) for your backup, but it's been well worth the switch.
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    I moved over from the 755p and not looking back !!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Came from a 700p and then 800w. Pre was the best move I've made. Generally, it would be nice if speed was a bit better (particularly for the calendar), but I have not missed much making the transition. There are several discussions here on how to prepare for the webOS from the 700p or other environments. Try to look for those and make the jump.
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    The phone dialer is just not as good as the 700 or 755 - period. The call history is slower, the ability to dial and hang up fast are not as good. Overall, the "phone" section is about a 7 or and 8 when compared to the Treo's. People want to say that this device is as good but as a phone device alone - from a power user - it is not.

    I think that the email application while graphically superior, still is prone to some issues. The IMAP notifications (whether Yahoo or Google mail) still end up wrking properly only 90% of the time. Things get stuck or do not dfeliver or error messages about being able to sign in from time to time. I think people get used to this and hitting update physically generally solves the problem.

    I do find that replying and trying to add contacts to email replies is not as "solid" as with the Pre or a BB. Trying to find email contacts which are in the address book is not always as smooth as it should be (depends upon how the person is listed in the address book).

    Messaging also has a few small bumps. Nothing is missed more than the built in quick text feature with pre-populated sentences (yeah, there is an app for that but it just does not work as fast or as smoothly and I don't use it).

    Finally, I really, really, miss my universal search which includes the "notes" section of my contacts from my 700 and 755 - so much so that I keep my 755 nearby and use it once a week or so for searches for information in my contacts.

    I realize that there is a negative slant to my tone here, however on balance I do like the phone better than the Treo because I use the web alot and on that front there is no comparison - you will like the browsing and GUI much better overall.

    If you are a power user who is mostly after phone and email and not alot of web use , a BBerry may be better for you. I have never owned one, but my wife does.

    For the same reasons as above, I would not recommend and iPhone either as it is not really a great business phone.

    People always used to ask me about the Treo and I could never say enough good things about it. I Cannot answer the same way about the Pre. When a Treo is set up properly, access to everything from speed dial to web pages to prepulated texts etc using the thumbwheel was exceptional. The same speed CANNOT be generated for so many functions on the Pre - even using numerous app's and tweaks (I have 60+ installed)

    Best of luck.
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    Having had the 700P what I miss is:

    Louder speaker, or ability to increase the sound. At least we had "Volume Care" that could crank the sound 200% so there was no issue with hearing people.

    LED NOTIFICATION-people can go on and on about use a patch, NOOOOOOOO I want an OFFICIAL PALM RELEASE!!!

    Alternate Video programs like TCPMP, we're limited in the video playback formats.

    File management- At least we had FileZ and Resco Explorer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    LED NOTIFICATION-people can go on and on about use a patch, NOOOOOOOO I want an OFFICIAL PALM RELEASE!!!
    All the patch does is uncomment palms code... so its a palm pre release
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    700p --> Pre with nothing in between.

    - Multitasking is wonderful! If browsing the internet and a call comes in, I don't have to sign back on after the call. Really nice.

    - Synchronizing calendars, contacts, etc. is really easy now. I lost my software disc long ago so I was down to just the bare minimum on the Treo and it wasn't very useful. I had also broken part of the connection so synching via USB was not very reliable either.

    - The landscape/portrait mode (when it works) is also nice for using the internet. Mine doesn't always flip but when it does, it is much easier to use. It would be nice to get the URL bar in landscape as well since mine doesn't always flip.

    - the touchscreen since I have clumsy fingers. I find myself following links and opening apps that I never meant to open. I really miss the control of the stylus.

    - No memory card. I got used to dropping stuff on the SD card and moving them to different workstations. I know I can send stuff to Google Docs but what about photos from a camera that doesn't have internet access?? I used to be able to put my SD card in the phone and e-mail it if I was away from the computer. I could also get a photo from someone else's card and put it on my phone for later use.

    - No voice recorder/call recorder. I know the one on the 700p was lame, but at least it was still there!

    The dislikes aren't enough for me to go back though. They're annoying since it does change the way I do my job, but overall I really like the Pre despite my grumbles. I understand Verizon is shipping with the special back which you really do need (THANK YOU to all the forumites here!) otherwise the thing literally launches out of your hand or pocket with no warning since it's soooo slippery.
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    There is no call recorder ability on the Pre. The microphone is closed for programers, but it might get opened with the release of 1.4. The ability to record phone calls is what I miss the most about my Treo, because the recorder does not work on Classic.

    I bought Classic, but I find that I don't use it anymore. Yes, I miss Iambic's Agendus and yes, it can run on Classic, but that takes away the syncing capabilities of my Pre. I used google to sync my calendar and contacts from my computer to my Pre. I don't like Palm's limitation on the number of categories. I hope that one day Iambic can write a program for the Pre.

    I also miss Bible reader by Olivetree. I have about 30 of their Bible versions and I can use it on Classic, but the screen is too small and navigation has to be done with the Keyboard because tapping on the classic is very hard.

    In addition, I miss Mobipocket reader.

    I'm going to take this time to rant. I really hate that Classic was released. Yes, it was useful for about a month until more applications started being released, but I hate how it's being abused. There are companies like Iambic and Olivetree, who think they are supporting the Pre community because their software runs on Classic. But it's obvious that they haven't spend time using their software on Classic because they are ignorant of how difficult it is to use. So instead of Iambic and Olivetree making it a priority to develop for the Pre, Classic has allowed those companies to focus on other projects because they have a false sense of security that they are pleasing their Pre customers.
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    Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I made the jump from 700p to Pre+ the day the + came out at Verizon. I used ISilo and Agendus as well as Agendus Desktop for many years.

    I have to admit I've burned a lot of hours in the transition. Its the nature of geeks such as myself to "go the extra mile" (or 100 miles) to make the technology work for me. That said, I made a few decisions:

    1. No Palm Classic
    2. Use all new technology
    3. Embrace the cloud and use it to its full extent.

    So, all that said, here are a few considerations:

    1. Agendus: Gone. Say bye bye. Iambic's answer to WebOS is apparently to embrace Palm Classic. I don't see a lot of indication that they are going to move with a WebOS version any time soon. I actually wanted to use Agendus Desktop still, but there was no syncing solution that would work for it.

    2. ISilo: Actually my use for this product ended when I got the Treo. Its main purpose was to capture web pages for offline reading as a replacement for Avantgo, when I had a Sony Clie that was not connected. And the Pre's web browser is so far advanced from the Treo's browser that its beyond even comparison. For ebooks, there are WebOS solutions either existing or in the works.

    3. Just remember you are about to buy a "bleeding edge" new toy that still has some missing pieces. Apps are being added on a daily basis though so a little patience and willingness to do things a little different and work around those deficiencies temporarily will pay off in the long haul.

    4. Get a gmail account if you don't already have one, and update your Palm Desktop to 6.2.2 (you probably have version 4 and the conversion programs won't convert data from that version).

    5. You mentioned Agendus but did not indicate if you have the Desktop version too. If so, you already know Agendus for Desktop was old software several years ago and Iambic seems to have lost interest in updating it. So time to move on. Move your contacts to Outlook if you use an Exchange server, or Google otherwise. If you use an Outlook Exchange server, everything will sync up with your Pre, over the air, hands off. No manual hotsyncing needed!

    If you sync with Google, you'll get contacts, calendars and email, but no tasks or memos. Again, over the air, hands off, "automagic". There have been several entries here about alternatives to tasks and memos. Just search through the forums.

    6. Another thing that rarely gets talked about is both good and bad. THERE IS NO STYLUS! That's good if you have a tendency to lose them. That's bad if you have big fingers. It takes getting used to.

    7. Also, there is no graffiti entry. You must use the keyboard to enter characters. Good or bad? Its a slide out keyboard so you decide.

    Overall...I'm very happy having moved on. But very anxious to fill the above holes.
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    Gosh and no ability to edit docs!! No expandable memory
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    Just make sure that if you want to get a Pre you are aware of the hardware issues like oreo effect and cracking usb port/screen. It seems like some people here just buy phones without doing research and then they want to make stupid goodbye palm threads on here.... I can deal with those issues because i wanted to have this phone because of WebOS. which BTW i don't experience any of those issues

    I personally owned several Palm phones before and the experience is completely different. Took me a couple of hours to get used to it but i love it. At the time i thought about the Sprint Hero, Blackberry and Moment, but once i saw how crappy those phones were i knew the Pre was the one.... Plus i had a centro so i got really used to the keyboard ;-)

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G
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    Thanks a lot for everybody who took time to answer, it is a huge help.
    I do think I am going to jump to Pre, but I at least would like to know what awaits me, and I clearly realize that it's a new phone/OS so it need time to mature, grow apps base etc.

    I was surprised how little Verizon folks knew about Palm Pre, I think Palm which faces uphill battle with Androids/Iphone should invest more to prepare their employees, especially to address questions from people like me who consider Treo/Centro to Pre transition. It would be a good idea if Palm for instance publish on their Pre website (and Verizon) a specific FAQ/Guide for Tr "old Palm ilk" like myself. I was (and is) very loyal for Palm (not just because of sentiments), but because of huge advantages/ocean of apps Palm OS provided especially versus MS, and I patiently waited even when Palm was considered "legally dead".

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    I transitioned from 755p one week ago.

    The biggest problem with the Pre is SPEED (or lack of it). It seems really slow, especially in doing simple tasks like Calendar and Contacts. Hopefully this will improve with software updates, but I suspect hardware is an issue as well. Speed wise, the Treo was super snappy, but the Pre seems sort of clunky.

    There are some other things you'll miss from your Treo (battery life, lack of LED notifications, etc), but all in all I'm very happy with the Pre. The biggest reason I switched is that my 755p starting doing Hard Resets all by itself from time to time, wiping out all of my data. So whatever wasn't backed up by syncing with my USB cable (before the Hard Reset) was lost. I just love the Palm Pre Synergy, having my contacts and calendar automatically backed up to Google contacts and Google calendar (and then to Outlook for calendar via Google Calendar Sync).
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    Seidio makes a very nice 1350mAh extended life battery that has been making a big difference for me. It doesn't require the bulky back the 2600mAh does, and I've notice a good 2-4 hours of battery life and I've been playing a lot of Need For Speed.

    If you don't mind your pre getting a bit clunky, the 2600mAh battery adds substantially but requires the fat back cover.

    webOS rocks my pants off. I don't experience the slowness kegl11 is talking about. It's extremely snappy. I've only experienced lag when the music player is running, which is problematic, but that too eventually goes away. The capacitative touch screen is responsive and the 360 degree accelerometer is kinda fun to lord over my iPhone loving friends.

    I'd like some kind of expandable storage option like micro sd in future iterations in addition to a much needed increase in storage space. More pages in the launcher. 3 does not suffice. Even with a small number of apps downloaded the pages in the launcher quickly get cluttered. Though I consider the pre to be snappy, might like to see something snap(dragon)pier in there.

    but yeah if you're expecting something familiar, you won't find it. the Pre is a complete departure from anything palm's done before.
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    FYI there is a patch that allows you to add launcher pages. I'm at five now. And I'm betting launcher replacements are coming soon .

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