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    Dick99999 - I know that here in Canada, if I dial a "1" first, and it's not really a long distance call, then it doesn't seem to make any difference on my bill. If it's not local though and I don't dial the "1" that's where I get the annoying messages that I outlined above. Therefore, for me, just prefixing all my numbers on the cell phone is a perfect solution.
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    The cell phone company seems to charge me long distance based on where I make the call from and to... not based on whether I dial a "1" first or not.
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    I suspect the App could be confusing for North American number schemes.

    Perhaps the attached screen shots help. The first one says I am in country 1 and my area code is 650. Since abroad and home are the same the App assumes you are home and prefixes all 10 digits with a one and all seven digit number with a one and the 650 area code .

    The second shot has changed abroad info as if one is in Holland. All home numbers are changed as if one calls out of Holland. Any Dutch number in Contacts is also corrected.

    If call-through (calling card) is not needed for international numbers, clear SP1 and SP2.

    Activate the dialplan (top right) and that's really all to be able to call through the Pre standard dialer (if the patch is installed too!).
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    The first photo is how I configured it. The App does exactly what I needed. Thanks again for your help.
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