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    watching 24. Everybody using the pre.
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    ok im saying this as politely as i can but do a forums search mentioned a few times before and noone wants unnecessary reposts
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    I don't mind duplicate threads. It gives me a solid excuse to be rude multiple times.
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    I don't check the board all of the time so sometimes I miss these threads so some of us appreciate them.
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    this one was a bit different. it actually showed the card view and multitasking.

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    I like the ridiculously large sprint logo above the sprint logo.
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    Does Jack's Pre has the Oreo effect? LOL
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    The Pre in tonight's episode was displayed much more prominently than in previous episodes. This time it was obvious an actor was using a Pre. It didn't require any squinting to see if it was a Pre or some other look alike.

    This was the first time I recall seeing the UI demonstrated. Jack flipped through several cards as he reviewed the info on a captured prisoner.

    One thing I thought was ironic was the Verizon Pre commercial that popped up near the end of the show. Sprint was paying for all the Pre placement in the show and then here comes Verizon, showing off the UI and saying come get your Pre at a Verizon store. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Sprint ad exec throwing a fit after that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    I like the ridiculously large sprint logo above the sprint logo.
    Sprint paid 1 million dollars to put that logo there. lol
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    Gary Sinise's character Mac Taylor in CSI: New York also uses a Pre.

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