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    Anyone got experience with Act and the Pre?

    I have used Act for a long time and do not want to go to Outlook.

    Am interested in how the sync function works. With Google or with CompanionLink.

    I want a device that will manage my calendar when I am away from my computer. And give me access to my contacts.

    Used a Handspring Visor and then a Sony PDA. Liked them both. Currently trying to use an iPod Touch as a PDA. I want one device. Hate the Touch calendar

    I am a Verizon customer. Using LG VX8700 cell.


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    I use Companionlink pro with ACT 2010. It syncs perfectly with google on the Pre.

    syncing about 5500 conacts without issue.

    absolutely the best solution i've had for syncing Act. I have the Act db sync every 30 minutes so updates from the office get pushed to my phone automatically.
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    I used ACT! for several years and ended up ditching it when I went to the Pre. Truthfully, I was very nervous about not having it for my business contacts (I'm on the road a lot), but I honestly don't miss it now. I ended up moving all my contacts to my ACT! into the Palm Desktop manager software, and then syncing that to the device. Now between that and the company Exchange account, it works great.

    I'll be interested in other user's comments though. I've wondered if anyone is using it with the Pre.
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    It seems that either few people use act or I phrased the inquiry poorly.
    Thanks guys!

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