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    ^^^I read your other thread after I posted this and I feel for ya....I'm on my third Pre. However, this is it! I like Sprint but this whole fiasco with bad refurbs is deplorable.

    As for Toyota........nothing against them. Glad to see they stepped up (not like they had a choice). The situation just fit my post...LOL

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    it's cool, sorry I actually copied pasted it from a 4x4 forum someone was talkin stuff and was able to respond and copy paste and have I mentioned how I love multitasking??? Lol 6 forums at once, pandora and txting. Droid does not.
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    well as i said earlier, i'm sticking to the pre cause i love webOS, nothing else
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    same here I have a pixi also, but I can't be ****ed too bad considering the fact that they honored the warranty and I'm more or less p_i_s_s_ed @ the refurbishing department of palm or whoever has been petaling crap. I have called palm and put a formal complaint in and I suggest you do too. Like anything else, they aren't going to fix a problem until they know it's a problem. The rep said they are addressing the situation. So hopefully us being essentially beta testers, the rest will enjoy and in june we get to jump on the new model, love sprint.
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    Yes, a lot of the multiple replacements were because of badly refurbed pres (me, too...3 of them, but the tech guys at my Sprint Repair Place are great and gave me a brand new one instead...the hardware is great on this one, and on other Pres with similar warranty dates), which is a major problem, but as they run out of the early warranty date phones hopefully the refurb quality will go up.

    I think a lot of us are willing to go through refurb hell to get a decent one b/c we really love the OS; at least that was the case for me. There was never a question that I would switch to a different OS/platform.
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