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    Hey all,

    Is there a shortcut using the KEYBOARD only to turn off the Pre's display? When I am in a text conversation, I often want to turn off the display while leaving the keyboard open. Is it possible to turn off the display without using the power button (which is rather hidden when the phone is open).

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    No, there isn't.
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    There isn't a way, but maybe try modifying your "turn off after" setting.

    Setting it to 30 seconds will atleast have the device go off alot quicker than the default 1 minute.

    To modify the settings

    1. Tap the launcher
    2. Scroll to the third launcher page
    3. Select Screen & Lock
    4. Look for the setting Turn Off After
    5. Tap on the 1 minute and change to 30 seconds
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    Thanks for the help. I'm actually ready set on 30 seconds, but that is at times, 25 more seconds than I need.

    With 28+ letter/character buttons, there really should be a lot more "Orange+Sym+?" shortcuts like that.
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    power button is the best bet

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