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    I have a release day Pre, and I get this all the time, probably for the past month and a half to two months. As I've typed this message I've had it double up 4 times thusfar. I notice that the spacebar sticks (duplicates) very often as well. It's frustrating when I'm looking at the keys while I type and then look up to see that I have several keys that have repeated. I hope they can fix this in an update.
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    Verizon Pre Plus. The e is my worst letter, but plenty of them have the same problem. I particularly enjoy when I type "keep" and it comes out "keeeep."
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    I've seen a lot of people citing that the space bar is double inputting, but in all honesty I haven't had an issue with that key. Still seems that 5 or 6 of the main row keys are the culprits for me.
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    I just traded in my pre+ which double typed the E's and R's alot. Plus those keys did not click when you pushed them and were hard to engage in general. I got to pick through a couple of Pre's in the store and found one that had nice keys. It has not double typed in limited usage yet. The slider is not as tight as my original pre but the typing was unbearable on the other one. It does not move much but the first one was rock solid. The 2 or 3 that I got to look at all had a very small amount of wiggle in the slider so maybe that is natural.

    I took a chance because I could have gotten something worse but so far it seems like a good trade.
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    Same problems as others. Will press a key 2-3 times and no letter appears then suddenly the letter appears twice. Definitely a keyboard issue, hope it's software related.
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    This just happens a lot with my spacebar. About once or twice in an average 160 count text. However, the software autocorrect deletes one of those spaces so it's really not a problem.
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    I have been experiencing this as well since it was out of the box. I sincerelly thought it was my heavy handed approach, but seems to be application specific e.g. Chat, sms.
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    It can't be a software problem, defective keyboard is my guess. With all of the thousands of Pre Pluses out there, just not enough people posting about this issue.
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    Agreed. Must be hardware. Two month old Sprint Pre here and have never had this issue. Although reading some of the other Sprinters here has me fretful for long term.

    And they changed the clickitude of the keyboard for Verizon. Very likely some keyboards aren't popping back up as they should resulting in contact stutter.
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    i have this problem also and it really ****es me off. any ideas of a fix?
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    Wife and I got the Pre on day 1 (June 6th, 2009).

    I type a lot on the Pre, her not so much.

    Her Pre keyboard is working perfectly.

    Mine has issues with the letter 'b'. I type it and either nothing shows or I get two b's
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayles View Post
    I have the same problem on a 1 week old Verizon Pre+. No matter how carefully I type the problem is occurring.
    Same here! One week old and I just can't seem to stop my double letters no matter how carefully I type.
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    Had this since day one...i keep going back and forth if I should take it back and try a different phone. Im on verizon btw...seems more a pre plus issue???
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    I've got the same thing going on, almost every key in the home row either double types or misses at least once per text. L and h are especially bad. Other keys do it intermittently too, although the space bar never has.

    This is my second pre plus, the first was rock solid and the keyboard seemed fine (for the two days I had it), but it had about 5 dead pixels that I just couldn't live with. This one has the sticky keys issue and some wiggle in the slider.

    I'm considering returning this and getting the moto devour when it comes out. I want this to be a software issue sooo bad though, so I've been waiting and waiting on 1.4 to see if it's fixed. If that doesn't do it, then idk... As much as I love webOS, I just can't trust this hardware....
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    I too am having this issue. Sometimes the keyboard is fine. Other times I get double letters or no letters. I think I'm gonna wear out my backspace key.
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    Same issue here. I won't correct this paragraph to gie an idea of the problem, actually I admit that the issue has improved a little since I got my Pre+ about two weeks ago. For me backspace and the letter 'r' ae the proble, see? Then again 'v' had an issuehere to, oh and the space just now. It is not so bad but makes you question the quality of the Hardware Palmm uses, damn, now 'm'.
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    My Pre Plus is having the same issue... it isnt too terrible but definitely annoying. I am going to trade mine in for a new to see if I still have that issue.
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    My O seems to be the worst. And L does it a lot also. Its really annoying.
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    This is my second Pre+ and so far into my second day the keyboard seems fine. I did try several in store before I selected the one I have and the others had difficult keys. I could not tell if they were going to double type because the phones were not turned on yet. My first pre had very difficult keys to press so I was sensitive to that. There is definately different grades of quality in the keyboard so you have to be lucky to get a good one.

    I will post again after I use it some more.
    700P...755...Pre+...Pre 2...Touchpad
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    I have had a pre+ since the beginning of Feb. My a does it occasionally, but not enough to make me return it yet. I have seen a couple of other letters do the same, but I cannot remember what they are. There does not seem to be much difference in the amount of effort needed to push they keys.
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