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    Is there any way to go back on the Pre other than swiping right to left in the Gesture area? My thumb finds it a bit clumsy. I'm new to the Pre and still can't adjust. The back button on the Blackberry is a breeze. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    "Buttons" are a bad word here.
    You could press the back arrow if ur in the browser. That's about it though.
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    Get used to it... the Pre is gesture-based. If you are in the browser, there will be a back arrow at the bottom of a page you can press... otherwise, gestures are future!
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    not to be rude, but how is it clumsy for you? ive held the phone in all sorts of ways, and i have never had any problems. you dont have to actually swipe the entire width off the phone, just a small 1/4 to 1/2 inch swipe will suffice. if you have "advanced" gestures turned off, then it doesnt matter where you swipe either, as long as you start on the right and swipe left some, it will recognize the back gesture. so if the button is in your way (sprint pre), then swipe from the right side of the phone to the button, or if you prefer, swipe from the button to the left side of the phone.

    as long as you keep your finger away from the screen, it wont mistake a back or forward gesture as a "swipe up" gesture.
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    This is one area where I think Palm contradicts themselves. They acknowledge that physical buttons with tactile feedback are better than screen-taps when it comes to typing ascii characters, and even tout this as a selling point of the Pre and Pixi. But then they do an about face when it comes to things like call send, call end, home, back, and cursor movement. Personally I'd prefer the space used by the gesture area be used for a five-way nav with 2 or 3 buttons on either side. I think their decision was more the result of aesthetics and a desire to be different that any real concern for usability.
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    Ultimately it all comes down to user preference. I think a slew of butttons cluttering up the gesture area would be a horrible idea. While it would be arguably simpler and more practical, i've always been drawn to UIs that are "fun" to use. And the swipe-up/swipe-back gesture controls are, to me, much more fun than Android/WinMo/BB's "there's a key for that" approach.

    OP, give it a week or 2 and see how you feel. You may become attached to the gesture area.
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    Coming off a Treo, I like the simplicity. There is the one button, but I have yet to find a reason to use it.

    OP, try using your index finger. Your thumb would be a little unweildy.
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    The only way I can think of getting around having to use a gesture to go back is to use the ultimate back button.

    Clicking the center button drops the card into "card view" from here you can throw the card away and basically start over.
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