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    My Gf told me she can chat on her iTouch. Is Palm missing out on facebook or what?
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    you can chat if you go to the regular fb site. For just reading and posting I prefer FriendsFlow.
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    You have a number of choices:

    Official Facebook app
    View timelines, comment on posts and view pictures
    Used in the browser - my favourite way to view facebook on the Palm. You can do most things but I think commenting on pictures is bugged.
    Pretty full functioning but cut down facebook website. Various people have had some success using facebook chat here.
    Full site (same as you get on your PC)

    Similar to the official app - don't know the details, haven't really used it

    I believe there's one other facebook app available, but personally I'd recommend
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    Friendsbook hands down
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    Can the pre notify me when I get a notification?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShArK *** View Post
    Can the pre notify me when I get a notification?
    Not currently. I think they'll probably implement this eventually. Works beautifully on a BlackBerry though if you're desperate :P

    Edit: I just found this via Precentral member rc46:

    There are 2 other facebooks apps for the Pre. Friendsflow gives you pop up notifications each time a friend updates their status and a few other features. Friendsbook gives you a directory of your friends, a view of your wall, the ability to shoot and upload photos, and a few other features that the other 2 apps dont.
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    1.4 better have a good facebook update with it. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShArK *** View Post
    Can the pre notify me when I get a notification?
    I think Friendsbook has the option to send notifications.
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    Let me check it out
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    Chat used to work on the mobile site (, but they took it out. Chat will work if you go directly to Welcome to Facebook | Facebook and log in, but it's awkward.

    For generic reading status messages, and uploading photos/changing my own status, I use the official Facebook app.

    The official app falls down when dealing with friend info-- all they will show is the contact information. Palmbook and Friendsbook will let you see their wall and photos, but there's no search function, so if you've got a lot of friends, you could be scrolling for a long time. The mobile web site will allow you to search, then get to all that info, but it always feels slower to me.

    I haven't played with the paid app since it went pay, but it seems that the only thing that one does is send notifications of updates. However, since it was using the same alert sound as text messages, I found it to be kind of annoying.

    It seems like every time a new app comes out, it's a little better than what came before-- I just keep grabbing all the free ones, I haven't run out of space on the phone yet.
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    the mobile version of facebook and the friendsbook those are by far the best solutions. You can prett much everything on both thibgs besides chatting but otherwise they rock.
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    Tried em all and like FriendsFlow the best. It has notifications that go into the Pre notification area too.
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    I mostly use It's a bit of a cleaned up version of FB, but you can access chat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgiven View Post
    Tried em all and like FriendsFlow the best. It has notifications that go into the Pre notification area too.
    ive had the app since it was released and just last week it was finally showing notifications, BUT it still doesnt give me any through the Pre's notification system at the bottom of the screen.

    is there a Facebook setting i dont have turned on?
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    @SqyArc - thanks for the link. Just what I have been looking for as the full site seems to screw up now. Somehow the comments on posts disappear when I zoom.

    Of the apps I like FriendsFlow and Friendsbook myself.

    Good thread.
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    Lite is by far the best, but there is no dedicated notification menu.
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    Just searched and found this site because I am having problems with the lite.facebook site loading. Almost 50% of the time I first get a 'failed to load' message. It is not a 'reboot your phone' issue as this has been happening for more than 2 weeks. Used to go only to the full site as I loved being able to 'tag' people in statuses and the full site allows(allowed) you to do that from the Pre.

    Now the full site seems so screwed up, when you click to write a status update, the text box disappears! What is the deal?!? Plus the x.facebook site sucks in that it doesn't show the posts in chronological order (live feed)....why would it be so difficult to give us a full site? Figure it out FB/Palm ..... just play nice
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