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    my pre gives me the message "sorry too many cards. Please toss away any you are not using to make room for more" whenever I try to open an app or card. Yet I do not appear to have any apps or cards open. Also I cannot see how to close cards apart from swiping them up, which I cannot do as I can't see any open. I have tried deleting 2 apps, but nothing changes. Help please!!
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    please use the search button this has been discussed only a million times.

    FYI, too many cards is a common issue, basically just reboot the phone by holding the power button down for 10seconds click power and hit restart. This is a memory issue and everyone is aware.

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    I personally find that the app "jstop" helps me to clear up enough memory to get a card open without resetting my phone.

    And I agree with the prior poster, there are tons of threads on this already.

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