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    Bought Seidio 2600 extended batter on Amazon. followed the instruction that came with battery, that it's better to drain the battery fully and recharge it.
    guess what? after second full drain and recharging, my battery just went dead!. called Amazon and got a replacement battery again. but this time,
    i was online searching how to charge lithium-ion! guess what, come to find out do not fully charge it to 100%! it will kill the battery. the best way to recharge, is just 40mins or and hour everytime. so, with my second battery,
    i don't charge it to 100%, and i haven't drain my battery completely. It's working perfectly, with 2600 model battery, i really don't have to charge it completely anyhow. just above 90 or 80%, i don't have to worry about my second battery going dead or phone turning it off. so, all the people that having problem with seidio extended battery, give it a try. google it how to charge lithium-ion cell batteries. cause i finally solved the problem and loving my pre + !
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    Your not supposed to drain the battery all the way to zero to "condition it". many ppl will tell you this, but with these li-ion batteries it says to frequently top them off.

    (i have never drained mine all the way - the battery life sucked the first week but eventually it improved after i did frequently top it off)
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