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    I've been playing around with my new Pre for about a week now, and just discovered something on it that I'm don't understand. I had the phone in the USB mode, transferring some ebooks that I've been installing on Preader. But I noticed tonight in the file structure of the phone a folder called "iPod_Control" with subfolders named Device, iTunes and Music. Under the Music folder there are 20 subflolders names f01, f02, etc. Does anyone know what this is all about?I don't receall seeing it before but then I really wasn't looking for it. Any ideas?? I do have iTunes on my computer but for my iPod, not my Pre.

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    All those files are for your iPod.

    Nothing to do with the Pre.
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    It gets put on your Pre if you sync with iTunes. That is the iTunes-style syncing.
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