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    I want to run a Partial Erase.

    Anyway, when I click the Backup app, it takes about 30 seconds to back everything up.

    My question is, does this backup back-up all my contacts and pictures and files?

    I don't really care about apps or music or whatever because that can be later put back in a matter of minutes. My contacts, however, all 300+ of them, would take ages to put back on.

    How do I "retrieve" the so-called backup from the online servers???

    I've never done this before so thanks.
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    It should save it to your Palm profile.
    All pictures and files will be erased.
    I think the partial erase only keeps apps

    But I'm pretty sure all your contacts should be fine.
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    So if I do a partial erase, my contacts are okay?

    That way, when I sign back onto the Palm Profile, my contacts will be re-instated?
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    As far as I know they will.
    I've done the partial erase before and it kept my contacts.
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    Are you sure all the applications will remain?

    What about patches?

    I sorta screwed something up where every tap I do is a mini-vibrate. Took it off using WebOS but it still persists.

    Thinking about doing a partial erase to get rid of all the patches but wanna keep all my apps.
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    why not just run EPR that will remove all patches and not touch anything elae no need for a backup either
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    You don't need to do a partial erase for that.

    go into Preware and install Emergency Patch Recovery
    That should help.
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    Ran EPR and the stupid vibrate thing (per tap) is still there.

    Also, if I do a partial erase (and in fact, it does erase all my apps, can I get them back again? Even the ones I paid for?)

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