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    I installed the patches that add GPS, DATA, Roam only, and Brightness controls to my right drop down menu. But, as I have experienced in the past, I have found my battery life to be remarkably shorter with these patches in place (not sure why. I also have found the hide NASCAR and hide NFL patches to drain battery power faster).

    So, I decided to remove them to (re)test my theory. But, I found that removing the patches in Preware doesn't remove them in the menu, even upon reboot. Plus, when I try to remove the GPS patch, I get the following message, "Error Removing: See IPKG Log" with the option to hit OK or see the IPKG log. I'm not sure what seeing the log would do for me, since I can't fix the problem.

    Anyway, anyone else have these issues? Any idea what the solution is? If I need to WebOS Doctor it back to factory spec, I'd rather live with having those functions available in my data menu. It's just easier than removing them.

    I had the exact same problem, by the way, when I tried to add the LED Flashlight option, which would be very helpful to have.

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    Have you tried Emergency Patch Recovery in Preware? Located under Linux Applications.

    BTW... I use each of the patches you mentioned and have not noticed any additional battery drain. I'm guessing your phone is experiencing memory leak from an app or a daemon you use which in turn drains the battery quicker.

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