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    I might have had the roughest Preware install in this entire forum. I probably spent a total of 4 hours working on it. After a few hours trying last night on my company's laptop, and a few more hours today, I finally decided to grab my personal laptop that i don't use much and see if a firewall/security issue was causing me problems. Might have been the case, and I finally got it installed.

    Anyway- after last night's deal. I ended up using WebDoc and everything was reset (that was an accident) and now my screen with the blue sky and clouds background has lost its touchscreen keypad. I now just have a box to entire my security code via sliding the phone open and using the physical keypad. It's a pain.

    Anyone know how I can get my touchscreen unlock pad back? This is the additional unlock required when you sync your work's Exchange Server.

    Please go easy on me-I'm just not that technical. :-)

    Thanks-- Paul
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    Did you install any patches after you installed preware?
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    No-- in fact, this all happened before I ever installed preware.
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    Sounds like you need to back up and doctor your phone.
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    I didn't read it in your post, have you tried pulling the battery?
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    Thanks. I had run the doctor last night and that's when it disappeared. I'll probably end up trying it again. Yes, I did a battery pull today.

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