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    I'm here for my sisters cheer compition. During a ride in the taxi I saw many palm ads. All over the place. And now I see tons of people here with pres . I thought about taking pictures but that seemed stalkerish. And with out a zoom I would have to get pretty close. They are all normal pres not + so is any one here on the fourms from chicago with a pre. And why have I never seen this ads on tv or any where else. I mean they don't include moms or creepy ladys. They also don't say sprint or V so why can't palm put these good ads on tv if they work so well there
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    oh and also. This was done on my pre so sorry for mistakes if there is any
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    I am from chicago; well suburbs actually; but i dont recall seeing much advertising. what kind of advertising are you reffering too? busses, billboards, print? I do recall seeing a lot of HTC advertising however. I will definitly pay better attention now, when in the city; unfortunatly when I am in city of chicago proper, i am usually hammered, so i might have missed them.
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    The Pre has a variety of grammar-appropriate symbols and punctuations. I recommend you check them out!

    On a more serious note, it's nice to hear that the Pre is getting decent publicity in some places at least. In my town (not very big, only 32k or so population) there is 0 advertisements for the Pre or Pre+.
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    I am in Chicago, where have you seen these ads. I have seen a lot of Verizon ads on NBC Olympic coverage.
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    I saw some pixi ads on phone booths in the NYC
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    I am also in the western burbs, Downers Grove. I have not seen any Print adds or billboards. T.V. commercials yes, several being the Verizon "mom" adds. Can't wait I am starting at a new "sprint authorized " dealer in Bloomingdale tomorrow. ( a very soft opening)
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    I live in one of the more southern communities in Chicago (Hyde Park), and I can't say I've seen much of anything Pre/Palm. I've seen more USCellular ads in the bus stops around here than any other cell company, really.
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    I haven't seen too much advertising for the Pre except for in Sprint stores. The Sprint store closest to my house actually has a big sign in front of the store along the road advertising that they have the Palm Pre available. I am yet to notice any advertising from Verizon relating to the Pre or the Pixi which is kinda disappointing.
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    I live in Old Town and have seen several adds. One on the Clark/North Ave bus stop; one on the entrance the Clark Red Line subway and I think one on a cab. I've seen a couple more at bus stops but I don't remember which ones. If I think about it I'll try to take a pix and post a pix.

    BTW: I wrote the CTA Tranzit app for Web OS. If you take the bus, check it out at the App Catalog.
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    Where are the pictures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by etrade18 View Post
    I saw some pixi ads on phone booths in the NYC
    Today on my way to Chipotle I saw 2 MTA buses with an ad of the Palm Pre+ and Pixi from Palm.
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    I'm sorry for not taling pictures. I'm still in town and will try to take some pictures when it's light out. It's not really tv ads, it's buses, bus stops, cabs, bill boards. But I have seen some commercials
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    i wasnt talking about the ads.
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    NW Burbs here, Arlington Heights. Have barely seen any print or TV advertising, but I don't spend too much time downtown.
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    I picked up my Pre at 9am on launch day at the Lasalle store, and I've been keeping track of Pre sightings ever since. I've seen a total of four Pres (and one Pixi) since then, not counting Sprint stores, and no ads. I've been surprised not to see more, especially because Sprint is so perfect here.
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    Sprint 4G is here now. A lot of the billboards are a combination of the 2 services.
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    nw burb, libertyville over hear... I wish I'd see some pre billboards when I go to the city like once a week, but all I see downtown is a bunch of ipod touch boards US cellular is a chicago based company (and it's the only service provider that works in the subways), so that's prolly why US Cellular ads are all over.

    I do see atleast like one person with a pre daily, mostly at my college. Some guy had the default ring (same as I had at the time) go off during class and wigged me out thinkin I didn't silence my ***** lol. Kinda funny too, had another dude, iphone fan boy ask me what phone I was using and I was o so proud to show him the 10 cards I had running at once
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    I was at boarders yesterday and they was playing the verizon pre commercial of the moms like every 5 min's, but most likely that is just due to verizon was providing the free wifi their. But other then that i used to see the pixi advertise on a lot of bus stops for I'm in Chicago
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