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    I'm also from Chicago, and the ads I see of the Pre+ are on TV with those Mom commercials.
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    Here is an add on a tour bus in downtown Chicago I just saw. That's the entrance for Sears, ahem, Willis Tower in the background.
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    i am on the north side - logan square - can't say i remember seeing a Pre ad, or really many Pre's here in general. Glad someone is seeing it though.
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    i too live in chicago, not the suburbs, the city, and saw ads on a bus this morning. first time seeing these ads, must of just started.
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    Yes, I am in Chi as well...all these ads popped up yesterday at EL stops, buses, trains..etc.
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    ive seen a lot of palm ads on cta buses for over a week now
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    I was just in Andersonville on Valentine's day and I did not notice any new signs for the Pre/Pixi (not that I was looking for them either).
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    Heard a commercial on WLUP yesterday morning, and have begun seeing more print and TV adds too. Glad VZW is giving Pre some much needed advertising.
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    I work downtown Chi and live in the west suburbs... I haven't seen a lot of ads around here for the Pre or Pixi (outside of the 'Mom' ads they were running on TV), but saw one today.

    Walking past the Sears (Willis) tower across the street to get a little Chinese takeout for lunch and saw this bus parked on the corner by the City Colleges offices. Yay! Finally a nice looking advertisement moving around town!

    Edit: must be the same bus as maxmin posted above (but who's pic isn't showing).
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    There is a big ad on a building in Wrigleyville above the Salt and Pepper diner
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