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    Quote Originally Posted by matty3054 View Post
    precentral (precentral) on Twitter

    I'm calling BS on you, johnwashere....if that is your REAL name
    He's talking about this:

    Twitter / precentral: webOS 1.4 is looking less ...
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    I think Palm will say a week after the 15th(if nottomorrow),but the update will be available on the 18th. Anyone w/ me on this one?
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    I'm thinking definitely not tomorrow but like everyone else says soon after possible with flash beta in catalog same day. Think that is reason enough for delay to drop on same date after displaying at MWC?
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    well its 12:37 in miami and i've tryed toupdate the phone and its a no go maybe its too early?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hypeazzchico View Post
    well its 12:37 in miami and i've tryed toupdate the phone and its a no go maybe its too early?

    I swear this will be the last time that Palm ever says anything about an update timeframe ever again.
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    lol i dont think so all these gurus sayn it will but who here works for palm? (crickets ).. no 1 so stop gettin peps hopes up high ...... im in jax fla no 1.4 sorry
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    I'm hoping it's here cuz I'm going to chicago auto show tuesday and would love to record some vids of some sexy cars
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    I am in Miami its a quarter after 1am.... no update available
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    Well it's not even the 15th here yet (California).

    It would be nice if it came out tomorrow, but it's alright if not.
    Palm or Sprint never officially announced a release date, so can't really hold anything against them.
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    If it's not out today (it's already the 15th where I am), I'm going to demand a full refund from Palm on my last update!

    Bottom line, it would be nice, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    I got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcoast0 View Post
    I got it.
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    1.4? =/ i only have 2.3 =[
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcoast0 View Post
    I got it.
    You could have at least included a humorously photoshopped screenshot for us!
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    Haven't all the updates in the past generally came around the later part of the afternoon?
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    What about the Federal holiday?
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    Well, today is Feb 16h and it's safe to say that they did NOT release 1.4 yesterday. lol
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    Well the good thing is there's only 12 days left in the month. I wonder where the delay is coming from? Is it from palm or adobe? Maybe flash isn't ready for prime time and palm won't release 1.4 until it is.
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    I'm still betting that it will be out by the 29th of February. The next one is in 2012.
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    @edlex-----its not flash in sprint I'm sure. Flash is still going to be beta until this summer
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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