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    I start checking updates at 12:00am on 2/15.
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    Eh, I know it's coming soon. It's okay if it's not tomorrow. It's great if it is tomorrow. I am looking forward to testing out AUPT.
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    I really hope its tomorrow, I cannot wait anymore, i love this phone, anyone have a google voice invite they can spare to send me, at darren.m.hunt at google.
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    I think it will release tomorrow. Last update was accurate from the Sprint release date. Tomorrow is also Monday...a good day to drop an update
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    The sooner the better. I'm really getting sick of the too many cards error. Though my lingering feeling is that Palm's fix for this is more physical memory. Doh!
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    So...I'll have to doctor my phone back to default before I do an update? This'll be my first update (I have Pre+).
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    I'm betting on tomorrow,
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    OMG I hope so!! not because of video recording (which will be fantastic) but because I cant bare to see one more thread about it!! Do people really think that by adding a word, that its somehow a new idea?

    On tue will the forum be flooded with threads titled WHO KNEW THE 1.4 WAS REALLY COMING OUT YESTERDAY


    How many different ways could either of those be reworded to seem like a unique fresh thought?
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Hold on, let me get my crystal ball....
    Isn't there an app for that?
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    I thought 1.4 has already been confirmed for tommorow.........
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    I thought since the MWC is going on tomorrow and is suppose to demo-ing flash on webos that it was going to hit, makes sense, but who knows as now there is a rumor about it being delayed a week,

    I guess if it's not out tomorrow, should be within the week, sounds fair no?
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    I won't be too upset if it doesn't come out tomorrow. Though amidst all previous skepticism I remember the last two updates coming out on time or ahead of time, so we just have to wait and find out. I won't be spamming the update app either, I want to see if AUTP works fine and doesn't mess up my phone. I have faith in AUTP and 1.4 arrival though!
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    I'm going with 15th my self becoz MWC 2010 starts 2morrow and Adobe will be previewing Flash on Andriod and WebOS plus WindowMobile....phones. Im really optimistic.
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    I don't know when its coming out. Tomorrow would be great, but I'm on verizon so they may be on a different schedule.
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    wait, wait, wait ...
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    I am guessing Later this week. Thursday or Friday.
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    i heard from a friend it was being pushed to june
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    Everytime there is a mystery about delivery we get it on the date suggested. Then we get all the whinners that weren't prepared and have problems with auto update and their Pre is hosed. I hope everyone is ready, meaning NO THEMES. I expect it to happen, but if not then another week or 2 given the value of the upgrades are OK.
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    I wish Palm would treat the updates just like the launch. Just give us a date and release it. Even if it meant not getting the update when it is ready, they could still give us a date, and that would give them more than enough time to get everything ready. All this guessing and rumor stuff is getting really old.
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    1.4 will come as surely as the world will end on December 31, 2012.
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