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    Ok, I set my alarm at 8:30am. I wake up at like 10:14am, after looking at my gf's phone, and wonder why I didn't wake up! I wanted to go out and get some surprises for her for V-day. I pick up my Pre plus and press the unlock button and the screen doesn't light up. I hold the power button down to turn it on and nothing happens. I go and plug it in and then try and it still doesn't turn on. So i took the battery cover off, removed the battery, then put it back in and it turned on.

    What the hell?! Has this happened to anyone?! I loved this phone, but what just happened was a huge turn-off towards this phone. I've never read anything about it turning itself off, let alone in the middle of the night. After charging it right after turning it on it said it was at 61% so it didn't die. Ugh, I'll forgive if it doesn't happen again, but that ****ed me off so much since I wanted to surprise my gf. She would've just gone back to sleep haha.
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    if you open the back can you slide the battery even a little out of place that might explain your problem if it does

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