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    1.) Can't help you much here. I don't use either. It may be something coming for a future update. I can see how this could be frustrating though.

    2.) I personally just use the meebo website and it works fine for now. It doesn't give you any notifications but it allows me to use my Facebook chat so that's a step in the right direction, if not the whole way there. The meebo site is functional for chat use if you are looking for the person to chat with. If someone else is looking to chat with you you have to be paying attention since there is no notifications.

    3.) Speed dialing is easily available as has been mentioned above. Just go into the contact you want to create a speed dial option for and add it from the menu. It's a snap.

    4.) This is already in the messaging app, unless you are referring to individual tones for texts from individual people. The option within the app is a universal one I believe. My Notifications might be able to help you with that.

    5.) As has been mentioned, there are a number of different options for using Facebook on the Pre. None is truly a be-all-end-all version, but there is the "official" app,,, Friendsbook app, and a few others. Might not be perfect but at least we have options. We can do most of the things you can do on the desktop, you just have to determine which method to use to access those options.
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    Is there anyway I can JUST edit my textmessage-ringtone?

    It seems that I can't.

    For example, I want all system sounds to stay as they are on default (except for voicemail, ringtone, and texting). Anyway to fix this?

    2) Apparently, you cannot use a debit card in the App store? Is this true?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegame2388 View Post
    2) Apparently, you cannot use a debit card in the App store? Is this true?
    I do, with a Visa logo on it though, I don't know if that makes a difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtstang462002 View Post
    I do, with a Visa logo on it though, I don't know if that makes a difference.
    Then that lying sack of *** lied to me! He said only credit cards can be used. I guess he was just trying to get rid of me. Everytime I attempt to purchase something from the app store, it says "Transaction Error: The credit card you are using may be fraudulent. Enter a different credit card in Pref & Accounts and try again. PMT04020"

    Talked to Palm and Bank of America. They keep saying they don't know. I HATE MY LIFE!
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    Did you try just changing the ringtone in the messaging app? It should not affect system sounds, at least it doesnt for me.

    Also, my Visa debit card from Bank of America works just fine.
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    For your debit card issue, check and make sure that your address is correct on your account...not sure why, but some folks were having issues with this. My Visa debit card works fine, though.

    You should be able to go into the application menu for the phone and messaging and change the ringtone for each of them, as others have mentioned. I don't think there's a way to change the voicemail notification sound without patching, though.
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