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    I can confirm that a Blackberry micro-USB cable (for the Bold 9700 and the Curve 8500 & 8900, plus others) will charge a Pre and allow data transfer. However I have not tested it to see if it fits a Touchstone charger.

    But obviously there are less expensive cables than RIM's out there.
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    I got a charger on ebay for like $3 and whenever i plug it directly into the phone it makes the pre go nuts and makes cards open/close and things flicker on their own until i unplug it. It makes it look like its going nuts.

    I thought about trying it on the touchstone, but dont know if its a safe cable if it doesnt work when plugged in directly to the phone. I may try it tonight, if it works i can use my oem cable elsewhere in the house too.
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    just buy em from monoprice and then use a dremel or utility knife to remove some of the excess rubber around the microusb connector so it fits in the square hole... I bought a 3', 6' and 10' for around 10$ shipped IIRC and they all work great with my ipod wall adapter and pre wall adapter
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    Don't try to buy a cable to fit the touchstone. Just buy a micro USB for your computer to the phone (micro to standard USB cable). You can buy them anywhere. I have a wall charger that I bought for an Ipod that allows a USB to plug into it. I use this while traveling to charge the ipod and the pre (with that cable).
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