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    Hi, I have a Treo 755P and I use the Find feature all the time to search for a specific word that I have in the notes filed of a contact.

    When I use the Universal search in the Palm Pre Plus it searches for the specific word that I want only in the name fields of the contact.

    Is there a way to configure the palm pre plus to search in the notes field of the contact for the specific word like the Treo did.

    If not can I get the Palm Classic application to use the older Palm OS software and then get a third party search software that emulates this feature like in the Treo.

    If so, what third party application can I buy.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!
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    I've found that if you transferred your contacts from the 755 the Universal search doesn't find words in notes or businesses. Yet, if you enter any new contacts, it searches those fields.

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    Not for me. Universal search does not yield results from contact notes on neither transferred nor new contacts. Sure wish it did.

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