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    Hey there... I have a question... Is it possible to remove the headers from the PDF viewer when reading a PDF??
    It's incredibly annoying to have the title of the PDF always visible....and even the virtual controls to move the page forward or backwards is crap because it covers the page where I'm reading...

    For some reason, I always thought that if you tap and hold on the screen, the header and "page next" keys would does that with most viewers...or maybe it's just the eBook viewers I'm used to..

    Does anyone know if this is possible? To get rid of these annoying visual obstructions?? If I'm being dense, please forgive me...
    thanks for any input! Much mahalos...
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    I use a patch called PDF Redux which "removes the title bar, makes the footer buttons translucent, makes the page number transparent except when selected," does a bunch of other stuff, and keeps track of your location in a document for 30 days and reloads to that location. It works great!
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    Oh yeah!! I saw that...but I didn't know what it did so I didn't try it out! I thought it was just more of the same...but the Redux should've clued me in that it was a reimagined version of PDF Viewer!! Yeah!!

    Reason is...we don't have a dedicated CBR/CBZ viewer for WebOS yet... There IS one for Palm (Comix) which I've used...but it really doesn't do the Pre justice since you have to use it on Classic and, as we all know, only 2/3 of the screen is visible with the lower 1/3 being used for virtual controls. Really nothing you can do about that since all Palm OS programs and apps were designed for a much smaller screen...and there ain't no way to adjust that to fill the whole screen and get rid of the virtual controls, right?

    Anyway...I've been converting all my CBZ/CBRs into PDF (which works GREAT, btw) and now, with the title bar being completely removed...that helps A LOT! Cool beans...thanks for the heads up!
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    You are welcome.
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