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    Lots of Pre info here.

    Palm Pre (CDMA) - Phone Encyclopedia Wiki

    * Go to the email apps main page
    * type RocknRollHax
    Both R's and the H must be capitalized
    * You must press and hold the Shift key (up arrow)
    * When typing the capital letters. Once you have type this in you will be able to rotate the phone to view in landscape mode. At this time it is a per use code.
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    Thanks but I got a patch that does that for me.
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    Doesn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Thanks but I got a patch that does that for me.
    No doubt... just install the landscape patch from Preware (hint: there's one there for reading .pdf's in landscape too).
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    x3 to the patch
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    ..Yea, I believe this key command was discovered back in the dark ages, when preware was still without patching abilities. Use preware or WQI, work perfectly, and now you won't even need to remove before the 1.4 update!
    Last edited by breakinghbts; 02/14/2010 at 07:56 AM. Reason: descibe the rocknrollhoax as key command instead of patch for clarification
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    I had to check the date of the OP
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    You have to remember some people are new to Precentral and the Pre or Pre Plus. When they discover something they are happy to share just like we were when we first got the Pre and started discovering things.
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    The landscape patch doesn't work anymore. In Preware or QuickInstall. Will it be fixed or is it going to be an O fficial fix in 1.4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    I had to check the date of the OP
    LoL me too!!!!
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    it is working for me. Just installed a weeok or so ago.

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