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    I am new to the Plam Pre and would like any info regarding the ability to view wmv formats on the Palm Pre. I have recevied a few via AOL email and i get a meg that the device doesnt support this format. Can i download an app that does?
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    Welcome to the forums! Just so you know... the "Search" button is your friend. If you do a search for 'wmv' you will find LOTS of posts talking about this.

    To answer your question, the .WMV file format is not currenlty supported by WebOS. We are hoping it will happen someday, but not right now. There are no outside applications that you can add to your device to handle this format. It's a little annoying, I know, but it's a very small glitch with an incredible phone and OS.

    Again, welcome to the forums, and congrats on choosing the Pre!!

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