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    I keep getting errors when using the tweaks on this webosquickinstall thing.
    One error when trying to add launch pages, says somthing about /tmp/

    2 out of 3 hunks FAILED webos-patches.log

    I dont know how to view the log file, and I have given up trying to findout how on my own for tonite...
    learned alot tonite though...
    any questions for me first ?
    I am using all the latest software. Restarted phone numerous times. Removed and then reinstalled patches through preware. I dont know what else to tell you, I am so sleepy.
    Kudos for the breakthrough terminal app though, and the precorder...
    wonder if they have anything to do with it.
    I would like to say, if I could customize a launch page title, that would be a neat feature...
    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    The 2 out of 3 hunks FAILED error would indicate the patch could not apply. Probably a conflict with existing patches on your device.

    The webos-patches.log file can be found in the base directory of your device in USB mode and can be opened in any text editor. That file will tell you exactly where in which files are the conflicts
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