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    Hey guys, im new to this forum .. however, i've been a loyal fan of for a long, long time now since i bought my pre once it first came out for sprint.

    Have a question tho,
    My pre is VERYYY slow ... Just to open an application sometimes takes FOREVERRR!!! and i really dont have the patience to keep waiting. My question to you all is .. Does this have to do with linking contacts with a bunch of things? A majority of my contacts are linked with facebook, aim, google, and yahoo ... this means all of them are linked with 4 accounts each. Also, i have a lot of facebook friends that show up in my contacts list. Would this factor in to slowing down my phone? and what should i do to solve this problem?

    I'd appreciate it very, very much to hear your responses!!

    Thank you,
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    Usually it should take like 1-2 seconds to open an app. If you want't wait that long, take a chill pill while it loading. (jk) As of your question, no the linking contacts doesn't slow it down. Nether does facebook. I find that on an iPhone, it takes about another half a second more than webos. It just seems less time because of the animation between loading apps. Another thing, as many other users here have said, once you have loaded an app, you don't have to again because of the multitasking.
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    I have had a Pre since the first day, and what I think I've discovered is that using the Advanced Gestures feature, and not closing cards of frequently-used apps, is the way the developers intended to alleviate the lag.
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    AWind89, Can you please articulate one or more specific cases of what's happening? (People can better answer how to deal with specific issues. Don't worry of you have lots of these - feel free to list as many as you are having trouble with. Others are likely to have been down the exact same roads as you.)
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    I usually restart luna when my pre starts to lag.
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    Try the reboot scheduler by Zinge in Preware
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