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    I just restarted my Sprint Pre while it was connected to my Windows 7 laptop. When the phone came back up Windows 7 gave me the dialog box in the attachment. I decided to go for it and allowed Windows to download the software from the Sprint web site. It's installing now. I'm not sure if this is going to work--I actually highly doubt it will--but I found it interesting that Windows 7 determined my Pre required Sprint's Smart View software.

    Has anybody else had this happen? Or have any ideas what Windows 7 may have suddenly discovered on me Pre to trigger the prompt for Sprint Smart View?
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    After the install and a restart the software couldn't find any devices to connect to. Again, I'm not sure why this was triggered in the first place. I thought I'd share to see if anyone that knows more about this stuff than I might have any ideas.
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    smartview is a connection manager for use with one of sprint's data cards. It has no use associated with your phone.
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    I figured that part out, my confusion was why Windows 7 would think my Palm Pre needed the Sprint SmartView software.

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