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    When loading songs from Windows Media to Pre, how do label and get album covers etc?
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    program called Mp3tag
    That's what I use.
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    Search for programs that can ad ID3 tag info to .mp3 files. I use Media Monkey myself, but there are plenty of others available for free too.

    I like MM because it will search the web for the album art and info for you.
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    do you use these apps during the sync?
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    theyre not apps theyre programs just like win-media but just work better for sync
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    It's a program on the computer.
    You put it through the program and it tags pics and missing info etc.
    Then you Sync it to your Pre.
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    As others have said, the album art and labels are typically embedded in the MPS using "tags". If you are ripping from CDs, then some programs automatically do this for you when they rip ... I use Media Jukebox and it does a nice job of this. If they are existing MP3 files, you will need to add this stuff using some other software (like MP3tag).
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    thanks guys, MM works great.

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