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    Well actually, there are a lot. It just depends upon how much each pre owner is willing to put up with in their new phone.

    I'm waiting for the second iteration of web os. or the palm pre 2, if you will ( and I will!) lol.

    Passed up the pre. no thanks.

    my wishlist for the pre 2
    1) large comfortable keyboard
    2) large 480 x 320 screen
    3) zippy response time
    4) vastly improved PIM (calendar, memo, task, etc)
    5) better reception - pre drops calls too much.
    6) no slider.. I want a candybar phone
    7) vastly improved battery life - at least equivalent to the 755p battery
    8) wifi
    9) HARDWARE MUST BE HIGH QUALITY. Palm: see the droid.

    Do that, and I will buy a palm again.
    Otherwise, I'm not buying cheap plastic
    The reception part isn't the phone.
    It's where you live.
    So don't expect that to get better.
    I haven't had any problems with dropped calls.
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    Actually it could have to do with the radio in the phone. But in the Pre's case it more then likely isn't the case. While I had it which was with Verizons network it never dropped a call and never dipped under 3 bars.
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    I'm not sure how "Keys not working" and "Can't connect to network for a phone call or data" is something I'm supposed to figure out before bringing it in for an exchange. I agree about Verizon's response though, it does seem they have a bin of faulty pre's back there that they're trying to get some poor sucker to accept. I can tell when they're fresh out of the box by their smell - it has some "fish like" qualities to it.

    Each time I've had to exchange the phone, the "should i" question get's asked more loudly - i agree. As for why I keep trying - this looks like the best phone Verizon offers right now. I've really enjoyed using it for the brief period I've had it and I like all the support the community is offering this phone.
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    Perhaps they should get a different company to make the phone for palm, when the PRE II,(or what ever they will call it).
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