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    Hi guys, is there anyone out there who can help me out on the following issue?
    For no apparent reasons, I cannot access my Messaging function. I clicked on the Messaging icon and nothing happened. As such i am unable to view my sms-es. I am still able to send out sms-es via "contacts' -> 'text', which is really a hassle. This is the second time that I'm experiencing this. The first time round, i resorted to soft reset of the phone and I have to go through the whole process of registering my profile and etc. Anyone can provide a solution to this?
    please advise. thanks.
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    Do you have any patches related to messaging installed?
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    Have you tried just reseting your phone without doing an erase?
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    It is working again, after i left it alone for three hours. strange.
    no mamouton, i did not install any patches for messaging and i did partial reset for the phone. thankfully its okay, but i sure hope it does not occur again. its really annyoing

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