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    I realize it is a first gen phone and this is a palm pre forum so one should not bash the phone too much but of course I will for the moment.

    Would not seem too much to ask for it to -
    1. sync my exchange calender at the office to my phone, it does exchange mail but no calendar.
    2. allow one to switch out a battery without it taking such a long time to come back to life or having to remove it then put back in for it to turn on
    3. a touch stone that would not have a mind of it's own as to when/if it will charge the phone (even when one has the contacts in the right place for it to feel glued to the stone).
    4. Not certain it is even sync'g my gmail contacts correctly at this point in time.

    I know it offers nice features though the swipe thing is getting a drop old to me. Ok, off my soap box
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    1. My exchange calendar, pre and G-mail calendar stay sync'd. You'll have to explain your issue in a little more detail.
    2.I would agree.
    3.May want to return your touchstone. I think I've heard of this issue before. I have two, one at work and one at home and they work fine. They actually seem to charge quicker then the outlet or USB.
    4.My G-mail is working fine and has worked fine since June. Have you tested it? Why write it as an issue if your not sure? Doesn't really give us the ability to help you with your issue.
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    1) My exchange calendar syncs perfectly also
    2) yes, this would be a time saver
    3) Take your TS back for an exchange. I had an issue with one cycling the charge on/off, but it was fixed with an exchange
    4) I have 2 gmail accounts that I sync and have no problems with all my contacts and calendars

    it really doesn't sound like you have any issues that can't be easilly addressed. As far as your exchange issue, check with your IT dept to make sure you have everything set correctly.
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    1) do not think my work exchange has ever sync'd my calendar items to the pre, just the exchange email. I can check to see if a setting is missing but it is a exchange server at the my govt job so uncertain. Did delete the entire exchange acct on the pre then created it again but still no calendar sync'g.

    Under the Calendar settings I have the following profiles:

    Default calendar is -
    my gmail acct
    (new items will defalut to this calendar)

    If I go into any of those three from that screen it takes me to a login screen. My exchange would just go right back to the screen info when pressing login so changed the password (just retyped it). uncertain if what was on the pre was old but after retyping it at least appears to have taken a bit of time to do the login sync before going back to the calendar settings screen though it still does not show my exhcange appts for next monday in the calender

    3. got the touchstone from amazon and think it is past any 30 day return

    4. will go check my google contacts tomorrow to see if I'm losing my marbles on that point or not
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    One thing you might want to try is to make your exchange account the default for the calendar. I believe this was the fix we used to get my calendar to sync correctly. I thought it was strange at the time, but worked for me. Try it (you may need to delete and re-add the account again - but setting it as the default).

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