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    Yep. That's typical for retail. Shops like Musicians Friend can sell a guitar for a super low price, they ordered 1000 of them, so they got a higher discount. My shop ordered 50, we paid more. For us to sell at the same price as MF, we make less profit, and sometimes NO profit, if we have to price match. We make it up on service, though, where MF doesn't do anything but warranty. That's primarily why my Sprint satellite store does OK in my little town, its the main repair/service shop for this region. But even they don't stock the Pre, or even the accessories beyond generic cases.......they don't sell well here (poor town, everybody sticks with the free flip phones to save money) so they can't afford to stock them. Money lost.
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    Awesome post! Its unbelievable how little Palm has pushed their own flagship phone.

    I walked into BB just the other day to see how outdated the iphone OS is compared to the Pre. As I stood there and shook my head at the quaint old iphone the phone rep stopped by to ask me which phone I was interested in. I told him I already have the best phone on the market, to which he asked- the Droid? I then pulled out the Pre and showed him all the patches and apps downloaded from the great people who give us Preware and Homebrew. He then pulls out his own personal phone which is also a Pre and says he had no idea how great the Pre was and what it could do.

    Palm has to start marketing this phone better and we gotta get the word out to existing Pre users that they need to tap into Pre Central.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dm7864 View Post
    I am a former blackberry curve,bold,storm user and So i did all my homework like I always do, to pick my next phone. So what do i want, first it starts with a real web browser, email with html format, a phone that plays real games. It must have email,sms, im, and notifications. So it began.....

    I download the emulator for the palm pre and used it for a week. I looked hard into the android platform including the droid, google,htc. I have verizon so the google phone wasn't a options but still looked hard at the android OS.

    My first stop was the verizon main store. Walked up to the palm pixi and tried to turn it on but the battery was drained. Moved over to the next palm pre plus and it too was drained. I called over a sales person to ask them if they could charge the phone so I could try it out. I was asked why I wanted to try that phone out and not the droid. I informed the sales girl that I would like to try both so she had another plam pre charged and handed it to me. Knowing how to navigate the phone was so easy because I used it on the emulator but it was sweet. After using it for sometime I moved over to the droid and played with it for around 30 minutes maybe longer. I really tried to talk myself into the android/droid phone due to the big screen and nice web browser but it wasn't even close to a smooth system. I was fighting with apps running and not running, closing and opening apps. Anyway I am getting off the topic.

    After going back to the palm pre and smiling the whole time. The sale woman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted the droid because she saw me using it. I thanked her for having me try the droid because it helped me make my decision. THEN it started she asked me what phone I have now so I said the storm she said well you know the palm pre will not get your emails as fast. I then asked her if the droid was any better she informed me no it would be the same. Her next question was the palm pre only has 16gig (16GIG) of space with no expansion. I explained to her that I owned a 8 gig card for the blackberry with movies,music, every app I could load and that only took up 3 1/2 gig. She told me that I wouldn't be happy with the keyboard so I told her that the droid keyboard was larger but it was worst than the palm pre.

    After many other questions I started to ask her questions on the palm vs the droid turns out she didn't know the palm pre could do so much with visual multitasking, games that blow away android, synergy with all your accounts, calendar having different colors for all your accounts. Long story short she was surprised the palm pre wasn't promoted with these features.

    My next stop Best buy , I needed the shield for the screen. While talking to the sales person he mentioned that the phone isn't selling so well and that know one knows about it including himself. So I sold him on the phone and he was blow away with the 3D gaming and the multitasking cards. While playing the game I received a sms and it showed up on the bottom of the screen while he was playing. He asked me if I wanted him to quit the game so I could answer the sms that's when his jaw dropped I stopped the game switched to sms card typed a few seconds then returned to his game. He was in awe and could help wonder why the phone wasn't selling.

    PALM how can you not know that your only outlets for your phones have no glue what they are about. I am hooked on the phone but have to question how long your company will last if you are not sending sales reps around to all your outlets to help train and promote your great product.

    Your limited commercials are a joke and also have offended the males who now owe a ladies phone. I'm not sure who thought that the moms wanted smartphones but I know hundreds of mom/ladies who just want to talk on the phone and have no desire to own a smartphone. So please advertise the strengths of the phone multitask,synergy,3D gaming, simple UI for males,women,teens and everyone who want to make live easier.

    We all are motivated by what we see on TV maybe if we put $93 million dollars into advertising like the droid did. People would be able to make a educated choice on the palm pre vs droid. I bet if they advertised the palm pre strengths even just showing the multitasking it would of generated more excitement and questions for sales reps.

    I hope that you have a plan to advertise more and start to help your carriers sell (God knows that aren't helping you sell anything, it was the quietest new release of a smartphone I ever saw.) So for a customer that loves and promotes your phones help me get more developer creating apps by selling more phones....get the word out the palm has faults just like any other phone but the pros out weight all the cons...Read all the reviews that all can't be wrong.
    maaan you hit the nail on the head...that's the way I've been feeling for months now. I LOVVEEE THIS PH!!!! I've showed so many ppl what this ph can do n some of my own friends haven't even heard of it, I wish ppl knew what this ph is capable of, they'll b surprise....we need more n better ad campaigns
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    no we dont we need more people sharing this phone with others!!!!
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    If we don't help get the word out and share the phone as you put it. Our Webos 1.4 update will be the last one from palm because they may not be around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dm7864 View Post
    If we don't help get the word out and share the phone as you put it. Our Webos 1.4 update will be the last one from palm because they may not be around.
    Palm is going to be around for many years to come. Last year, many people were coming into this forum saying that Palm was done, would not last till the end of the year.
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    palm will be around!!! just keeping telling people!!!!
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    I always get my Exchange emails on my Pre before it shows up in my Outlook Inbox. I love it!
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    That post made me want to drive to the nearest Verizon store and slap the first salesperson I see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    That post made me want to drive to the nearest Verizon store and slap the first salesperson I see.
    Sounds good, use a Droid, lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    That post made me want to drive to the nearest Verizon store and slap the first salesperson I see.
    That's how I feel. Also why I am on Sprint!

    In all reality, Verizon needs to market it better. The Sprint reps here know the phone and it sells out quickly (or at least did a few months back).

    The Best Buy employees know the phone here, but they don't advertise it much. When I got a replacement Pre from them, it was brand new, but had version 1.1 on it and had a manufacturing date of August 8th. I got the phone on January 19th I think. The phone is popular out here, but BB doesn't advertise it or sell many. Apparently, neither does big V.
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    We should all make shirts that say you are a WebOS expert and then hang out at the Verizon stores...its not like the VZW reps will know what WebOS is :-D

    Sad that you had to train them. Are we allowed to complain to VZW branch managers that their employees are not treating the phones the same?

    Thanks for posting this.
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    To the OP, i had a similar situation, went to the VZ store, and all the rep did was try and talk me into the Droid. Having done some homework, and after playing around with both for about an hour, i was sold on the Pre, the rep then came over and told me I would not be happy with the Pre, and I'd be back to exchange it. I told the rep I was willing to take the chance, but wasn't buying from him (I ended up ordering online for the instant discount). Having come from a BB Storm, I couldn't be happier, my Pre Plus is everything my Blackberry wasn't.
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    And the crowd simultaneously says "AMEN".

    Great post!!
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    This is why when i got to a Verizon store I tell them I am just looking. They leave me alone and I can play with the phones with no pressure. Usually I do all my research online and the visit is only to confirm what I have found (need to actually have a hands on), then I leave and order online.
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    I'm sure the verizon sales people are trained so I just can't understand why they can't see what an awesome phone and OS palm has. I guess it doesn't matter what phone they sell as long as they get or keep the customers. If palm could release just one more phone with a little faster processor and just a "little" bigger screen with the WebOS 1.4 it would be the "Iphone Killer " that everyone keeps looking for.
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    This all starts with Palm. Droid didn't sell over a million in a couple of months because people happened to stumble into a Verizon retail store and fell in love with it. They made effective ads that showed off its virtues in closeup.

    Palm has to do that. It can't leave it up to carrier partners who will each do a different style ad that will only add to message confusion. Lack of money is no excuse. I've seen plenty of Palm ads thus far. They're either crap (all of the Pre ones) or generic (the Pixi ones).

    Also, Palm needs to come with some compelling high-end hardware YESTERDAY. The software is almost there, but it still takes way too long to launch apps and scroll long lists. Palm's already had eight months to get WebOS to catch up with the hardware of the Pre. Who knows if it'll ever happen? The best step is to pull an HD2/Nexus One and throw next-gen hardware at it to try and get that iPhone-esque smoothness and responsiveness.
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    They need to start new commercials and ads before the nexus one comes to verizon this spring. Before everyone starts with the pre is better than the nexus one, it doesn't matter google will pour a boat load of money into commercials so we need to get rolling, now until its released so the consumer can at least know about the palm pre plus
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    I even understand if they're not heavily advertising due to lack of funds. If that's the case it's time to go viral, or maybe get a little creative on this. Make more youtube vids (higher quality). Incentivise putting the Pre into your social networking life (with prizes or something). People like having what their friends have. Get the phones into the hands of the sales force (free if need be). When I worked sales I was much more likely to sell a product I personally used. People actually asked me all the time which product I personally used. Create some freeking buzz. Get excited about your product or gtfo.
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    That is a great idea hope palm is listening. I have also heard "what phone do you use" so that would be a great way to get sales people hooked on palm pre.
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