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    Hey guys first off let me start by saying i have a laptop with windows vista its a 64 bit i think

    Well anyways yesterday i spent the whole day trying to get the webos quick install to work but i cant get it to work no matter what i do

    Its in the same folder as webosdoctor and i have the latest java download and even the orca download and 7 zip and ive followed all the directional post and videos for downloading this and using it but it always ends the same way

    Everythings downloaded and runs good, novacom is installed the phone is recognized by my comp and webos quick install does actually open but none of the buttons work, Like if i try to click on a button and it doesnt do anything nor does any of the buttons in the drop down menu work

    In Actuallity the only button that works is the plus sign it brings up what file i want to add but when i try to add a ipk into the box and install it on the phone it doesnt do anything i will hit install and nothing happens

    please hopefully somebody can help and tell me what im doing wrong thanks in advance
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    bump anyone??
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    Try rebooting your computer.

    If that doesn't work, try uninstalling, downloading again, and reinstallling Web OS Quick Install.
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    Ive done that and it doesnt seem to do anything,

    Maybe i should try to download the webos doctor file again since now when i try to open that file i get an error saying that its corrupted or whatever,

    the webos quick install still opens but it still doesnt do anything

    man this is so frusturating
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    dont feel too bad man my dang windows 7 64 bit doesnt seem to let quick install even realize my dang phone its buggin me!
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    its the novacom driver delete it and reinstall it . vista dont like webos QI. also make sure you have webos QI and web doctor in the same folder or it will not work and it does this as well
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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