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    Guys, I have about 550 songs on my Pre. If I try to search by artist, and then select a song, it sometimes very, very slow. Like 15 seconds or so to start the song. I just did a full reset and webdoctor, and it still doing it. Any others with this issue? Do I have a defective phone? The songs are loaded into the Pre in a Music folder, with subfolders for each artist. I previously had all songs in one folder. It did it then, too.
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    Also, phone shows 547 songs. But, my pc shows 605 files within the folders. I have spot checked several folders and do not see any thumbnails (hidden files view is turned on), so the art is apparently in the tags. Any idea?
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    I've got about 800+ on mine, similar directory structure with /artist/album. It's a little slow sometimes, but in general works OK. The worst part seems to be when I start it up and it's trying to gather album art ... that can pause for several seconds and be pretty slow until it's done. Otherwise, haven't really seen any problem ... how slow is "very, very slow"?

    As far as missing files ... are they all .mp3, or is it possible you've copied some other formats that the Pre doesn't support (like .ogg)? It will only show what it can play, so that's my first guess.
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    Problem is much worse in Artist view. Song view runs ok. Delay can be as much as 15 seconds between when I select the song and it starts playing. I think I had some thumb.db files taking up the rest of the space.

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