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    All these trolls on this board!!!! Come on...the phone is amazing....My phone has no slider issues
    Your phone has no issues so everyone who does have them is just a jerk and has no right to be disappointed or discuss it.
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    haha. so i thought i would give an update on this issue. I dropped my phone today at work on a semi hard carpeted floor and now the phone halves line up perfectly. i thought this was kinda funny so i had to share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamsedated View Post
    Your phone has no issues so everyone who does have them is just a jerk and has no right to be disappointed or discuss it.
    I have had mine for over 3 months dropped it several times no issues!!!! I have only lately realized the double typos in letters!!! I just really cant stand trolls that state I have gone back 8 times for a new phone...I ask myself when do you plan to give up and get a different phone why stay with palm? How realistic is this...but lets call a spade a spade...The palm pre plus is rock solid for me!!!!!! Love the size and shape!! Fits in my hand perfectly and love the curvature!! I just dont get it .....You can call me a jerk...I am the jerk with a phone that still working perfectly
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    I recently traded in the pixi plus for a pre plus (was within my 30 day timeframe; I liked the pixi plus form factor, build quality, and keyboard but was unhappy with the speed and screen size.) I am glad I did, the phone is loads faster and the screen is great. I even prefer the form factor and keyboard now that I have had a chance to use the pre plus outside of the store (the store models don't do the phone justice when it is tethered to that security line).

    Overall I am quite happy with my switch, despite having to exchange the first pre plus on the same day I got it. I understand there is likely always some minor color bleeding, but the model I received had a huge blot in the upper left hand corner that was really distracting. My second model has a slight bleed at the bottom, more of a thin, even line across the entire bottom with an oh-so-slight yellow (on white) tinge when the phone heats up, but it really isn't that big of an issue so I'm fine with it. No oreo to speak of, alignment seems normal, and I should probably look into a screen protector of some kind.

    The slider on my model seems solid, however the back cover is a bit loose and wobbles a bit when I type with both hands. It seems to be an issue with the latch at the bottom, and I'm sure I could fix it for good with a super tiny bit of double-sided thermal tape so no biggie there. Not a crippling defect, just a little annoying.

    Overall I'd say the build quality is so-so, and a good hard look needs to be taken at the hardware quality control division. The shortcomings, however, are easy to get past once you experience how great the OS is and how great the phone is in general (my call quality is superb, which is big because it's a damn phone first and foremost). True, the battery blows but it charges fast so I can live with that. There are some minor issues, and I'm sure there will be a few more to come, but good luck finding a smartphone without any problems.
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