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    I was just thinking that I miss the status light up at the top of my old BB 8330that would constantly flash red to notify me of a missed call/message and blue for bluetooth. I know the Pre has the led notification but it's no where near bright enough.
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    i had the 8830
    missed the build quality and battery life
    nothing more
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    Sound Profiles.

    That's about it though... Pre kicks bb's **** in everything else.
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    I know, Pre does kick but. I miss the keyboard though, my fat fingers have issues some days. lol I wish Pre's buttons were a touch taller.
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    Blackberry Storm, missed nothing, happiest day of my life is when I packaged it up and mailed it off after I sold it on ebay. Complicated UI, horrible web browser and so on and so on.
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    had a blackberry curve and i miss the speed, battery life, and custom notifications for practically everything and SOMETIMES BBM
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    battery life that's about it...

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    I got a blackberry 9700 and it can last a fews days without charging.. I miss beejive.. I miss the color leds and keyboard

    WebOS plus Blackberry keyboard = GOLD
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    Just cam from a Tour and miss...

    --LED notifications (with BerryBuzz) so I could look and see what I have waiting
    --Sound profiles (and auto changing with Sound Profiler) Why and how is this not on WebOS????
    --Ability to easily customize sounds/notifications (and repeat notifications with BerryBuzz, ie, SMS repeats every 5min with x sound and flashes green, email repeats every 15min with y sound and flashes yellow...)
    --Facebook app and notifications
    --Keyboard (getting used to it on the Pre but still no where close)
    --Battery Life (could go an entire day without any fear of my battery draining) with push email that doesnt drain the battery

    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the pre, just miss some things...
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    Coming from the storm there are a couple things I miss... ability to rotate photos, ability to share files with family over bluetooth with other phones in my house, ability to share ringtones and mp3 over MMS (I have four tween girls in my house that are ringtone crazy), BB Maps with accurate location (I understand this is only an issue for us Verizon users), ability to move files directly on phone - I have thousands of photos that I keep in various folders of children and some that are private that I kept in hidden folder so children couldn't stumble upon them, and of course video but I know that is coming.

    Might seem like a long list but this small list of features I miss are way more than made up for by the benefits of this phone. I certainly don't miss the ridiculous memory leaks in BB that required reboots every other day.

    Ultimately this phone still blows away the Storm by leaps and bounds.
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    This is why I kept my at&t account with a Bold for personal use.... can't go through with getting rid of it
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    I came from a BlackBerry Bold and I absolutely LOVED the keyboard on it. I could whip off pretty long emails with no effort in a minimum amount of time. The Pre kind of hurts my fingers and I feel like I'm getting RSI when I type for too long.
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    I had the Curve and I miss the keyboard, battery life, BBM, and the Red notification light. I do have the white LED on the pre, so its not that big of a deal.
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    battery life and black berry messenger
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    battery life, build quality, speed, and PIM apps
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    I miss the keyboard, the form factor, Beejive because it lets me sign onto msn and aim. I also miss how fast the phone operated. You just click and its there, the Pre is a bit laggy at times even when just clicking a text in the notification area.

    Oh and I miss the status light, and battery life as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friguy3 View Post

    --LED notifications
    --Sound profiles
    --Ability to easily customize sounds/notifications (and repeat notifications with BerryBuzz, ie, SMS repeats every 5min with x sound and flashes green, email repeats every 15min with y sound and flashes yellow...)
    --Facebook app and notifications
    --Keyboard and the shortcuts like double space enters a period.
    --Battery Life
    --BBM - some features. i didnt like that it was tied to only BB users since not everyone had one so i was using two methods of communication. but the features on BBM were nice. I also want to know why BBM pictures go through INSTANTLY but when sending MMS it takes a bit.
    you were pretty much mirroring my thoughts. i changed a couple.
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    trackball, keyboard, sound profiles (ability to assign different alerts to different system tasks), ability to program the phone to turn off for various periods of time, LED indicators, ability to import directly from iTunes!!!!!!!
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    Nothing, love my PRE.....................

    Battery life: Is about the same for me.
    Build: My trackball always fell out. BB replaced 3 times for defects, Pre still have original
    Speed: It took forever to start the BB & froze every once in awhile.
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    The only thing I miss from my Curve is the threaded Gmail app.

    Well, that and the fact I never had to pay for the phone or service...
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