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    Its been quite some time since I've seen this topic discussed and I've recently run into it again. I was recently in Vegas for a conference and some fun and a presenter mentioned a local pizza place that had a pie that sounded to die for, that is if it didn't kill you. So anyway I pulled out my Pre and got the website, delivery info and they had a PDF menu. I downloaded it so that I could read the 2nd page as only the first was displayed on the page, but whenever I tried to open it I would receive a page from PDF View that said:

    !!! Error !!!
    PDF View has encountered an error.
    We apologize for the inconfienience.
    Error message:
    Render document failed

    More often than not I get this error with PDF files, especially when I download them directly to the Pre. This doesn't happen to all PDFs, I was able to get the route for the buses along the strip no problem, but I have also had problems with PDFs that I've emailed to myself. I haven't tried placing the PDF on the Pre from the computer because if I'm on the move I won't always have a system to connect my Pre to available.

    Now more of a gripe about the PDF View...once the bad PDF file has been downloaded, I can't delete it from the Pre without connecting it to my computer. Can we get Swipe-to-Delete added to the PDF View list. I haven't checked patches yet, I'm sure there is something out there that might fix this, but if everything else has swipe to delete, why wouldn't the PDF View program?
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    I just got the same error with the first PDF I tried to open. It was an email attachment. I am not sure what is going on.
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    I have the same problem. The files open without problem on my computer.
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    My PDF View was erased somehow today. Does anyone know how I can download it again?


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    Has anybody found any soluitions with this PDF issue ?
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    there was another topic created about this this morning. Search please.

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