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    I there a way to transfer an address found with Google Maps to Pre's Contacts...other than manually typing it in?

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    No direct way that I know of ... which would be a really nice feature.

    One thing you can do ... after you tap the title bar to go to the "details" page, select "Directions to here" and then the address will show up in a text box that you can tap (to select) and copy to the clipboard. Then it can be pasted into the contacts address.

    If there's a phone number (like a business) ... first copy the address as above ... then backup and tap the phone number, which will take you to the phone app, then select "Add to Contacts". This will pop you into the Contacts app, with the phone number filled in. Type in the contact name, paste the address, and you have a pretty complete entry.
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    I use the "Where" app to grab addresses and phone #s.

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