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    So Ive upgraded from the Treo 755p to the Palm Pre.
    I was really used to the 755's favorites menu pages for quick dialing.

    Which of the Pre apps would serve me the best in a similar fashion to do quick dialing - seems like there are several - Quick Contacts, Photo Dialer, Quick Dialer? or is there a speed dialing patch in Homebrew that I need to try?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use Photo Dialer, and I love it...

    If you don't want to buy one, you can always just send contacts to the launcher page... use the patch to add more pages and you can have a dialer page...
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    I have photo dialer and am very happy with it. I have replaced the phone icon with the photo dialer on my quick launch bar. I also love that they upgraded it a little while ago to work for texting as well.
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    Quick Contacts works best for me. Very useful. It's just needs the capability to add more than 18 contacts.
    Why that hasn't been implemented on this otherwise great program, I wish i knew.
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    Quick Contacts has been my favorite by far.

    The developer is really quick with fixes and updates to coincide with newer WebOS versions.
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    Quick Contacts without question. Great program.
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    I got the photo dialer and I love it. Works as advertised and very fast.
    FYI: My Pre is as plain vanilla as the day it came out of the box...
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    Photo Dialer, really happy with it.
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    I think most of them do the job ... mostly a choice of style. I use PhotoDialer and I've been happy with that. But I've been looking at the one(s) called Speed Dial (Plus and Pro). They *claim* to be faster loading, which would be really nice, and the Pro version has two separate lists (like Personal vs. Business ... which I can't believe no one else does).
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    I love LaunchPoint.
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    +1 Photo's the one card that's always open ready to go

    For those of you that have the paid version, what are the differences between that and the free version (which I downloaded when it first came out)?

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    Quick Contacts.
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    I have Quick Contacts. Works great! I also used launch point and photo dialer when checking all three out as hb apps. I happen to prefer quick contacts but they all work.
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    TealSpeed... I was using LaunchPoint, then Quick Contacts (first homebrew, then Lite versions). Tried a couple of others, too.

    TealSpeed gives you speed dialing / SMS'ing, / emailing, and program launching all in one. You can also have a row of icons (or more than one), show in the notification area.

    I've been a TealPoint customer for years, using their PalmOS software, probably dating back to my Handspring Visor(phone)(s). Their customer support is very good, and they incorporated several of my feature suggestions, in several of their programs. A-number-one recommended!


    PS - came to the Pre from a 755 also...
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    Quote Originally Posted by algee650 View Post
    +1 Photo's the one card that's always open ready to go

    For those of you that have the paid version, what are the differences between that and the free version (which I downloaded when it first came out)?

    There is no difference... it is the same app. Those of us who were lucky enough to have it before it became a paid app get all the updates as well. At least as far as I can tell. My friend also has it but he had to pay for it. We both have the same functions.
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    LaunchPoint! For me the absolute BEST! Have tried the others, just love how LP lets you have an icon for either text, phone, and email, OR one icon for all, for a contact.

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    Quick Contacts. I just leave it open - it has pics for speed dial and icons for contacts, texts, email, and phone. Then I use the launcher bar for other items.
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    I am the author of PhotoDialer. Obviously it is the one I use. It was implemented to solve a desperate need on the phone and was the first dialer in the App Catalog. We wanted to sell the application right away, but Palm was very interested in getting our application into the App Catalog prior to it's ability to sell products. Our close relationship with Palm encouraged us to jump in as an early adopter. Instead of making this application a "lite" version and reserving features we made the decision to make this the only version of our application moving forward. This meant that all of the users who downloaded the application when it was in the App Catalog as a free version have lifetime ability to continue to download the application through the App Catalog.

    If not for a bug in Palm's conversion from free to paid we would have had very little negative feedback on the application. Since the free to paid conversion some number of users experience trouble downloading updates which requires them to remove the application before downloading the update. Palm continues to state that they are working on correcting this problem.
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    I am the author of this post, and i just want to say thanks to Mr. Scates for writing a truly useful app for us.
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    got to say have been using super contacts and i really like it
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